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Ideas for new stuff

My friends and I had some ideas for new locations, POI's and vehicles that we'd like to see in the upcoming seasons and game in general:

I really hope you like my ideas and feel free to share your ideas in the comments! (just don't be mean if someone has a different opinion on the old island)
EDIT 1: I've added some more weapons and stuff.
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Which Male Actor had the best run in the 60s?

It could be the best in terms of anything
Paul Newman: The Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, Exodus, From the Terrace, Paris Blues, Hud, Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man, Sweet Bird of Youth, Harper, Lady L, Hombre, Torn Curtain, Winning, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Secret War of Harry Frigg, The Prize, What a Way to Go!, The Outrage, and A New Kind of Love.
Gregory Peck: To Kill a Mockingbird, Mackenna's Gold, The Chairman, Cape Fear, Captain Newman, M.D., How the West Was Won, Behold a Pale Horse, Marooned, Mirage, Arabesque, The Stalking Moon, and The Guns of Navarone.
Steve McQueen: The Sand Pebbles, The Great Escape, Love with the Proper Stranger, The Magnificent Seven, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Cincinnati Kid, Bullitt, The Honeymoon Machine, The Honeymoon Machine, The War Lover, Soldier in the Rain, Nevada Smith, Baby the Rain Must Fall, and The Reivers.
Dustin Hoffman: The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, The Tiger Makes Out, Madigan's Millions, and John and Mary.
Peter O Toole: Lawrence of Arabia, Becket, The Lion in Winter, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Kidnapped, The Day They Robbed the Bank of England, The Savage Innocents, What's New Pussycat?, The Sandpiper, Lord Jim, How to Steal a Million, The Bible: In the Beginning..., Casino Royale, The Night of the Generals, and Great Catherine.
Henry Fonda: How the West Was Won, Firecreek, Once Upon a Time in the West, Madigan, The Boston Strangler, Fail Safe, Sex and the Single Girl, The Longest Day, Advise & Consent, Spencer's Mountain, The Dirty Game, In Harm's Way, A Big Hand for the Little Lady, Welcome to Hard Times, The Best Man, The Rounders, Battle of the Bulge, and Yours, Mine and Ours.
Toshiro Mifune: Shinsengumi, The Battle of the Japan Sea, Red Lion, Safari 5000, Hell in the Pacific, Samurai Banners, The Day the Sun Rose, Admiral Yamamoto, Japan's Longest Day, The Sands of Kurobe, Samurai Rebellion, Grand Prix, The Mad Atlantic, The Adventure of Kigan Castle, Rise Against the Sword, The Sword of Doom, Fort Graveyard, The Retreat from Kiska, Sanshiro Sugata, Samurai Assassin, Red Beard, Legacy of the 500,000, The Lost World of Sinbad, Whirlwind, Chūshingura: Hana no Maki, Yuki no Maki, Attack Squadron!, High and Low, Yojimbo, The Youth and his Amulet, Sanjuro, Tatsu, Three Gentlemen Return from Hong Kong, Salaryman Chushingura Part 1 & 2, The Story of Osaka Castle, The Youth and his Amulet, Ánimas Trujano, The Last Gunfight, The Gambling Samurai, The Bad Sleep Well, Man Against Man, and Storm Over the Pacific.
Montgomery Clift: Judgment at Nuremberg, The Misfits, Freud: The Secret Passion, The Defector, and Wild River.
Burt Lancaster: Judgment at Nuremberg, Birdman of Alcatraz, Elmer Gantry, Seven Days in May, The Leopard, The Professionals, The Unforgiven, The Young Savages, The List of Adrian Messenger, A Child Is Waiting, The Hallelujah Trail, The Train, The Swimmer, The Scalphunters, Castle Keep, and The Gypsy Moths.
Marlon Brando: Mutiny on the Bounty, The Fugitive Kind, One-Eyed Jacks, Morituri, The Chase, Bedtime Story, The Ugly American, Reflections in a Golden Eye, Candy, The Appaloosa, The Night of the Following Day, Burn!, and A Countess from Hong Kong.
Tony Curtis: Captain Newman, M.D., The Boston Strangler, Sex and the Single Girl, Spartacus, Pepe, The Rat Race, The Great Impostor, The List of Adrian Messenger, 40 Pounds of Trouble, Paris When It Sizzles, The Outsider, Taras Bulba, Goodbye Charlie, Not with My Wife, You Don't!, The Great Race, Wild and Wonderful, Boeing Boeing, Chamber of Horrors, On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who..., Rosemary's Baby, Drop Dead Darling, Don't Make Waves, Monte Carlo or Bust!, and Who Was That Lady?.
Robert Redford: The Chase, Tall Story, Situation Hopeless... But Not Serious, War hunt, Inside Daisy Clover, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Barefoot in the Park, This Property Is Condemned, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, and Downhill Racer.
Anthony Perkins: Tall Story, Psycho, The Trial, Phaedra, Pretty Poison, Five Miles to Midnight, Goodbye Again, The Fool Killer, Une ravissante idiote, Le glaive et la balance, The Champagne Murders, and Is Paris Burning?.
John Huston: Candy, The List of Adrian Messenger, The Cardinal, Casino Royale, and The Bible: In the Beginning
John Wayne: How the West Was Won, The Sons of Katie Elder, The Longest Day, True Grit, El Dorado, Cast a Giant Shadow, The War Wagon, The Green Berets, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Hatari!, North to Alaska, The Alamo, The Comancheros, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Circus World, Hellfighters, and The Undefeated.
Jack Lemmon: The Great Race,Pepe, The Apartment, The Wackiest Ship in the Army, The Notorious Landlad, Days of Wine and Roses, Under the Yum Yum Tree, Irma la Douce, How to Murder Your Wife, Good Neighbor Sam, Luv, The Fortune Cookie, The Odd Couple, and The April Fools.
Marcello Mastroianni: 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita, La Notte, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Divorce Italian Style, Marriage Italian Style, The 10th Victim, Adua and Her Friends, Il bell'Antonio, Ghosts of Rome, La Notte, Family Diary, Family Diary, The Organizer, Kiss the Other Sheik, Me, Me, Me... and the Others, Casanova 70, Shoot Loud, Louder... I Don't Understand, The Poppy Is Also a Flower, Ghosts – Italian Style, Amanti, Break Up, The Stranger, and Diamonds for Breakfast.
James Stewart: How the West Was Won, Firecreek, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Cheyenne Autumn, The Mountain Road, Two Rode Together, Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation, Take Her, She's Mine, Shenandoah, Dear Brigitte, Bandolero!, and The Rare Breed.
Robert Mitchum: What a Way to Go!, Cape Fear, The Longest Day, El Dorado, Home from the Hill, The Sundowners, A Terrible Beauty, Two for the Seesaw, The Last Time I Saw Archie, The Grass Is Greener, The Way West, Mister Moses, Rampage, Man in the Middle, Anzio, 5 Card Stud, Villa Rides, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, Secret Ceremony, and Young Billy Young.
Robert Duvall: Captain Newman, M.D., True Grit, To Kill a Mockingbird, Bullitt, The Chase, Nightmare in the Sun, Countdown, and The Detective.
Jean-Paul Belmondo: Breathless, That Man from Rio, Seven Days... Seven Nights, Trapped by Fear, Classe Tous Risques, The Lovemakers, Two Women, Lettere di una novizia, Love and the Frenchwoman, Le Doulos, Famous Love Affairs, Cartouche, A Man Named Rocca, Mare matto, The Winner, Sweet and Sour, Banana Peel, A Monkey in Winter, Backfire, Greed in the Sun, Weekend at Dunkirk, The Shortest Day, Magnet of Doom, Tender Scoundrel, Is Paris Burning?, Casino Royale, Male Hunt, Crime on a Summer Morning, Pierrot le Fou, Up to His Ears, Ho!, The Brain, Mississippi Mermaid, and Love Is a Funny Thing.
Kirk Douglas: Seven Days in May, The List of Adrian Messenger, Spartacus, Is Paris Burning?, The War Wagon, The Way West, Lonely Are the Brave, The Heroes of Telemark, Town Without Pity, The Last Sunset, For Love or Money, The Hook, The Arrangement, The Legend of Silent Night, The Brotherhood, A Lovely Way to Die, and Cast a Giant Shadow.
Charles Bronson: The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Battle of the Bulge, Villa Rides, Guns of Diablo, X-15, The Bull of the West, 4 for Texas, Lola, Once Upon a Time in the West, Guns for San Sebastian, The Dirty Dozen, A Thunder of Drums, Kid Galahad, Master of the World, The Sandpiper, This Property Is Condemned, The Meanest Men in the West, and Adieu l'ami.
Orson Welles: Casino Royale, Is Paris Burning?, The Trial, Kampf um Rom, The Thirteen Chairs, The Merchant of Venice, Battle of Neretva, Tepepa, The Southern Star, I'll Never Forget What's'isname, A Man for All Seasons, David and Goliath, La Fayette, Austerlitz, Crack in the Mirror, The Tartars, The V.I.P.s, Chimes at Midnight, In the Land of Don Quixote, Marco the Magnificent, House of Cards, The Immortal Story, and Oedipus the King.
William Holden: Paris When It Sizzles, The Wild Bunch, The World of Suzie Wong, The Lion, Satan Never Sleeps, The Counterfeit Traitor, Casino Royale, The Devil's Brigade, The 7th Dawn, Alvarez Kelly, and The Christmas Tree.
Frank Sinatra: Cast a Giant Shadow, The Detective, 4 for Texas, The Manchurian Candidate, Tony Rome, Pepe, The Devil at 4 O'Clock, The Road to Hong Kong, Sergeants 3, Come Blow Your Horn, None but the Brave, Paris When It Sizzles, Lady in Cement, The Oscar, Assault on a Queen, The Naked Runner, Von Ryan's Express, Marriage on the Rocks, and Robin and the 7 Hoods.
Elvis Presley: G.I. Blues, Kid Galahad, Wild in the Country, Follow That Dream, Blue Hawaii, It Happened at the World's Fair, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Fun in Acapulco, Roustabout, Viva Las Vegas, Kissin' Cousins, Frankie and Johnny, Girl Happy, Harum Scarum, Tickle Me, Clambake, Easy Come, Easy Go, Double Trouble, Stay Away, Joe, Live a Little, Love a Little, Speedway, Change of Habit, The Trouble with Girls, Charro!, Spinout, and Paradise, Hawaiian Style.
Edmond O'Brien: The Wild Bunch, The Longest Day, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Fantastic Voyage, The Great Impostor, The Last Voyage, The 3rd Voice, Birdman of Alcatraz, Man-Trap, Moon Pilot, Sylvia, Rio Conchos, The Hanged Man, The Outsider, Synanon, The Doomsday Flight, The Love God?, Flesh and Blood, The Viscount, and To Commit a Murder.
Ben Johnson: The Wild Bunch, The Rare Breed, The Undefeated, Hang 'Em High, Cheyenne Autumn, Will Penny, One-Eyed Jacks, Ten Who Dared, Tomboy and the Champ, and Major Dundee.
Warren Oates: The Wild Bunch, The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond, The Rounders, Ride the High Country, Private Property, Mail Order Bride, Hero's Island, In the Heat of the Night, Welcome to Hard Times, The Shooting, Return of the Seven, Smith!, Crooks and Coronets, The Split, Something for a Lonely Man, and Lanton Mills.
Sidney Poitier: In the Heat of the Night, Lilies of the Field, A Patch of Blue, To Sir, With Love, A Raisin in the Sun, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Paris Blues, The Long Ships, Pressure Point,All the Young Men, The Bedford Incident, The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Slender Thread, Duel at Diablo, For Love of Ivy, and The Lost Man.
Rod Steiger: The Longest Day, In the Heat of the Night, The Pawn broker, Doctor Zhivago, No Way to Treat a Lady, Three into Two Won't Go, Seven Thieves, The Mark, 13 West Street, World in My Pocket, Convicts 4, Time of Indifference, Hands over the City, A Man Named John, The Loved One, The Girl and the General, The Sergeant, and The Illustrated Man.
Ernest Borgnine: The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Bunch, The Legend of Lylah Clare, Pay or Die, The Last Judgment, Barabbas, The Italian Brigands, McHale's Navy, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Oscar, The Split, A Bullet for Sandoval, Ice Station Zebra, Chuka, Go Naked in the World, Black City, and Man on a String.
George Kennedy: The Boston Strangler, Charade, Strait-Jacket, McHale's Navy, The Sons of Katie Elder, The Dirty Dozen, Shenandoah, The Flight of the Phoenix, Guns of the Magnificent Seven, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, Cool Hand Luke, The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, The Man from the Diners' Club, The Silent Witness, McHale's Navy, Mirage, Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Island of the Blue Dolphins, In Harm's Way, Hurry Sundown, Bandolero!, The Ballad of Josie, Gaily, Gaily, and The Pink Jungle.
Strother Martin: McLintock!, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Cool Hand Luke, Hurry Sundown, Sanctuary, Shenandoah, Harper, Nevada Smith, The Sons of Katie Elder, The Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, True Grit, An Eye for an Eye, The Flim-Flam Man, Showdown, Invitation to a Gunfighter, and The Deadly Companions.
Clint Eastwood: The Dollars Trilogy, Hang 'Em High, Where Eagles Dare, The Witches, Coogan's Bluff, and Paint Your Wagon.
Eli Wallach: How the West Was Won, The Magnificent Seven, The Misfits, The Tiger Makes Out, Lord Jim, How to Steal a Million, A Lovely Way to Die, Seven Thieves, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Genghis Khan, The Poppy Is Also a Flower, How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life, Ace High, Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man, The Brain, Mackenna's Gold, Kisses for My President, Act One, The Moon-Spinners, and The Victors.
Lee Van Cleef: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Posse from Hell, The Big Gundown, Sabata, Death Rides a Horse, Commandos, Day of Anger, and Beyond the Law.
Richard Burton: The Sandpiper, Where Eagles Dare, Ice Palace, The Longest Day, The Bramble Bush, Zulu, Becket, Cleopatra, What's New Pussycat?, The Night of the Iguana, The Spy Who Came In from the Cold, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Taming of the Shrew, Candy, Boom!, The Comedians in Africa, The Comedians, Doctor Faustus, Staircase, and Anne of the Thousand Days.
Paul Scofield: A Man for all Seasons, The Train, and Tell Me Lies.
Warren Beatty: All Fall Down, Splendor in the Grass, Bonnie and Clyde, Lilith, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, Mickey One, Promise Her Anything, and Kaleidoscope.
Albert Finney: Tom Jones, The Entertainer, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Two for the Road, The Victors, Night Must Fall, Charlie Bubbles, and The Picasso Summer.
Lee Marvin: Hell in the Pacific, The Professionals, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Comancheros, Paint Your Wagon, Point Blank, The Killers, Donovan's Reef, Cat Ballou, Ship of Fools, Sergeant Ryker, and Hell in the Pacific.
Anthony Quinn: Behold a Pale Horse, Barabbas, Zorba the Greek, Lawrence of Arabia, Guns for San Sebastian, The Rover, San Sebastian 1746 in 1968, The Secret of Santa Vittoria, A Dream of Kings, The 25th Hour, The Happening, Lost Command, Marco the Magnificent, The Visit, A High Wind in Jamaica, Heller in Pink Tights, The Savage Innocents, Portrait in Black, The Guns of Navarone, The Magus, and The Shoes of the Fisherman.
Michael Caine: Hurry Sundown, The Magus, Zulu, The Ipcress File, Alfie, The Italian Job, Deadfall, Funeral in Berlin, Billion Dollar Brain, Battle of Britain, Gambit, The Wrong Box, Woman Times Seven, Play Dirty, Foxhole in Cairo, Solo for Sparrow, The Wrong Arm of the Law, The Bulldog Breed, and The Day the Earth Caught Fire.
Rex Harrison: Cleopatra, My Fair Lady, Doctor Dolittle, The Happy Thieves, Midnight Lace, The Agony and the Ecstasy, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, Staircase, The Honey Pot, and A Flea in Her Ear.
Sean Connery: The Longest Day, Dr. No, Marnie, Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, Macbeth, The Frightened City, On the Fiddle, Anna Karenina, Shalako, The Red Tent, You Only Live Twice, Un monde nouveau, The Hill, A Fine Madness, Thunderball, Woman of Straw, and The Bowler and the Bunnet.
Spencer Tracy: Judgment at Nuremberg, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Inherit the Wind, The Devil at 4 O'Clock, and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
Chishû Ryû: Late Autumn, Otoko wa Tsurai yo, The Human Bullet, Japan's Longest Day, The End of Summer, An Autumn Afternoon, The Human Condition 3, and The Last War.
Martin Balsam: Psycho, A Thousand Clowns, Trilogy, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, Around the World of Mike Todd, Me, Natalie, Around the World of Mike Todd, Hombre, Among the Paths to Eden, After the Fox, Harlow, The Bedford Incident, Seven Days in May, Suspense, Youngblood Hawke, Everybody Go Home, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Ada, Cape Fear, Route 66, and Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?.
Alan Bates: Zorba the Greek, Georgy Girl, Far from the Madding Crowd, Women in Love, King of Hearts, The Fixer, The Entertainer, Zorba the Greek, Nothing but the Best, Whistle Down the Wind, A Kind of Loving, The Caretaker, and The Running Man.
Alain Delon: Is Paris Burning?, Famous Love Affairs, Rocco and His Brothers, Purple Noon, The Leopard, Le Samouraï, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, Lost Command, L'Eclisse, The Joy of Living, The Devil and the Ten Commandments, Love at Sea, Carom Shots, Any Number Can Win, Joy House, The Unvanquished, Once a Thief, Texas Across the River, Adieu l'ami, Jeff, The Sicilian Clan, La Piscine, Spirits of the Dead, The Girl on a Motorcycle, The Last Adventure, and Diabolically Yours.
Peter Sellers: What's New Pussycat?, Casino Royale, Woman Times Seven, Dr. Strangelove, Lolita, The Millionairess, Never Let Go, Two-Way Stretch, The Wrong Arm of the Law, The Dock Brief, The Pink Panther, Only Two Can Play, Mr. Topaze, Waltz of the Toreadors, Heavens Above!, A Shot in the Dark, The World of Henry Orient, A Carol for Another Christmas, Casino Royale, Woman Times Seven, The bobo, The Party, The Magic Christian, and I Love You, Alice B. Toklas.
George C. Scott: The List of Adrian Messenger, The Hustler, Not with My Wife, You Don't!, The Flim-Flam Man, Dr. Strangelove, The Power and the Glory, The Crucible, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, The Bible: In the Beginning..., This Savage Land, and Petulia.
Walter Matthau: Charade, Fail Safe, The Fortune Cookie, The Odd Couple, Strangers When We Meet, Lonely Are the Brave, Mirage, Ensign Pulver, Island of Love, Who's Got the Action?, Candy, Cactus Flower, Hello, Dolly!, The Secret Life of an American Wife, and A Guide for the Married Man.
Jean-Louis Trintignant: Z, A Man and a Woman, The Great Silence, Austerlitz, Horace 62, Un homme à abattre, La Longue marche, Trans-Europ-Express, Le Combat dans l'île, So Sweet... So Perverse, L'Américain, Mata Hari, Agent H21, Journey Beneath the Desert, Il Sorpasso, Col cuore in gola, Death Laid an Egg, Les Biches, My Love, My Love, The Man Who Lies, Metti, una sera a cena, My Night at Maud's, The Libertine, The Sleeping Car Murders, Diamond Safari, Spotlight on a Murderer, Nutty, and Naughty Chateau.
Max von Sydow: The Greatest Story Ever Told, Shame, Hour of the Wolf, The Virgin Spring, Through a Glass Darkly, Bröllopsdagen, 4x4, Winter Light, Hawaii, Adventures of Nils Holgersson, The Mistress, Made in Sweden, The Passion of Anna, The Quiller Memorandum, Svarta palmkronor, The Reward, and Here Is Your Life.
Richard Attenborough: The Sand Pebbles, The Great Escape, Doctor Dolittle, The Angry Silence, Upgreen – And at 'Em, The Dock Brief, Only Two Can Play, The League of Gentlemen, All Night Long, Séance on a Wet Afternoon, The Third Secret, The Flight of the Phoenix, Only When I Larf, Guns at Batasi, The Magic Christian, Oh! What a Lovely War, and The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom.
Melvyn Douglas: Hud, Hotel, The Crucible, Companions in Nightmare, Rapture, Inherit the Wind, Lamp At Midnight, Advance to the Rear, A Very Close Family, The Americanization of Emily, and Billy Budd.
Woody Strode: Spartacus, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Sergeant Rutledge, The Last Voyage, Two Rode Together, The Sins of Rachel Cade, Che!, Once Upon a Time in the West, Boot Hill, Genghis Khan, Shalako, Black Jesus, The Professionals, Tarzan's Three Challenges, and 7 Women.
Yûsuke Kawazu: The River Fuefuki, Ken, Manji, Kiri no Hata, Cruel Story of Youth, Genocide, Fighting Elegy, and Black Lizard.
John Cassavetes: The Dirty Dozen, Rosemary's Baby, A Child Is Waiting, The Killers, Devil's Angels, Roma come Chicago, If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, Machine Gun McCain, and The Webster Boy.
Laurence Harvey: The Outrage, Kampf um Rom, The Manchurian Candidate, The Ceremony, The Alamo, The Long and the Short and the Tall, BUtterfield 8, Walk on the Wild Side, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The Running Man, A Girl Named Tamiko, Darling, Of Human Bondage, Summer and Smoke, Two Loves, The Doctor and the Devil, Rebus, The Spy with a Cold Nose, The Magic Christian, L'assoluto naturale, The Charge of the Light Brigade, A Dandy in Aspic, Life at the Top, The Outrage, and The Winter's Tale.
Omar Sharif: Mackenna's Gold, Behold a Pale Horse, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, The Poppy Is Also a Flower, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Funny Girl, More Than a Miracle, Che!, Mayerling, Trois hommes sur un cheval, The Appointment, Genghis Khan, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, El mamalik, The Night of the Generals, Lawet El Hub, Nahna el talamiza, Gharam el assiad, Hobi al-Wahid, The Beginning and the End, The River of Love, A Rumor of Love, and There is a Man in our House.
George Peppard: How the West Was Won, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Carpetbaggers, House of Cards, Home from the Hill, The Victors, The Subterraneans, P.J.,What's So Bad About Feeling Good?, Pendulum, Operation Crossbow, The Third Day, Tobruk, Rough Night in Jericho, and The Blue Max.
James Garner: The Great Escape, Grand Prix, Duel at Diablo, 36 Hours, The Pink Jungle, A High Wind in Jamaica,Hour of the Gun, The Americanization of Emily, Cash McCall, The Children's Hour, Boys' Night Out, Action on the Beach, The Art of Love, Grand Prix: Challenge of the Champions, The Thrill of It All, Move Over, Darling, The Wheeler Dealers, Marlowe, Support Your Local Sheriff!, The Man Who Makes the Difference, Once Upon a Wheel, The Racing Scene, A Man Could Get Killed, How Sweet It Is!, and Mister Buddwing.
Donald Pleasence: The Great Escape, The Night of the Generals, You Only Live Twice, Creature of Comfort, Will Penny, Fantastic Voyage, The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Hallelujah Trail, The Caretaker, Suspect, No Love for Johnnie, The Shakedown, The Flesh and the Fiends, The Hands of Orlac, Hell Is a City, The Wind of Change, Circus of Horrors, Sons and Lovers, The Big Day, Dr. Crippen, Cul-de-sac, The Inspector, What a Carve Up!, Eye of the Devil, Matchless, Arthur? Arthur!, The Other People, The Madwoman of Chaillot, A Story of David, and Spare the Rod.
James Coburn: Charade, The Americanization of Emily, The Magnificent Seven, Hell Is for Heroes, The Great Escape, Our Man Flint, In Like Flint, The Man from Galveston, The Murder Men, Hell Is for Heroes, What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?, Duffy, Candy, The President's Analyst, Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round, Waterhole No. 3, Major Dundee, A High Wind in Jamaica, The Loved One, and Hard Contract.
Cary Grant: Charade, The Grass Is Greener, That Touch of Mink, Walk, Don't Run, and Father Goose.
Horst Buchholz: The Magnificent Seven, One, Two, Three, Fanny, Nine Hours to Rama, Marco the Magnificent, The Empty Canvas, Ankle Bone, Cervantes, That Man in Istanbul, Johnny Banco, and How, When and with Whom.
Jackie Gleason: Soldier in the Rain, The Hustler, Gigot, Requiem for a Heavyweight, Skidoo, Papa's Delicate Condition, How to Commit Marriage, and Don't Drink the Water.
Arthur Kennedy: Lawrence of Arabia, Barabbas, Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man, Claudelle Inglish, Cheyenne Autumn, Murder, She Said, Anzio, Shark!, A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die, Hail, Hero!, Nevada Smith,Murieta, Fantastic Voyage, Attack and Retreat, Joy in the Morning, Monday's Child, and Day of the Evil Gun.
Peter Finch: Kidnapped, The Trials of Oscar Wilde, The Day, No Love for Johnnie, In the Cool of the Day, I Thank a Fool, Girl with Green Eyes, The Pumpkin Eater, The Flight of the Phoenix, Judith, First Men in the Moon, Far from the Madding Crowd, 10:30 P.M. Summer, Come Spy with Me, The Greatest Mother of Them All, The Legend of Lylah Clare, and The Red Tent.
Hugh Griffith: How to Steal a Million,Exodus, Mutiny on the Bounty, Oliver!, The Counterfeit Traitor, The Citadel, Point of Departure, The Day They Robbed the Bank of England, The Inspector, Tom Jones, Term of Trial, The Poppy Is Also a Flower, Hide and Seek, The Bargee, The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who..., Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad, The Sailor from Gibraltar, The Fixer, Il marito è mio e l'ammazzo quando mi pare, and Brown Eye, Evil Eye.
Jason Robards: A Big Hand for the Little Lady, Hour of the Gun, Long Day's Journey into Night, A Thousand Clowns, Act One, By Love Possessed, Isadora, Tender Is the Night, Divorce American Style, A Big Hand for the Little Lady, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Any Wednesday, Once Upon a Time in the West, and The Night They Raided Minsky's.
George Seagel: The Southern Star, No Way to Treat a Lady, Invitation to a Gunfighter, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Lost Command, The Quiller Memorandum, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, King Rat, Act One, The Young Doctors, The Bridge at Remagen, The Girl Who Couldn't Say No, Bye Bye Braverman, and The New Interns.
Rod Taylor: Chuka, The Time Machine, Sunday in New York, The Glass Bottom Boat, 36 Hours, The Birds, Hotel, Nobody Runs Forever, The Hell with Heroes, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Seven Seas to Calais, Colossus and the Amazon Queen, Dark of the Sun, The Liquidator, Young Cassidy, Fate Is the Hunter, Do Not Disturb, and A Gathering of Eagles.
Robert Ryan: Ice Palace, Billy Budd, The Longest Day, The Wild Bunch, The Dirty Dozen, Battle of the Bulge, The Professionals, Anzio, Captain Nemo and the Underwater City, A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die, Hour of the Gun, Custer of the West, The Busy Body, The Canadians, King of Kings, and The Crooked Road.
Christopher Plummer: Battle of Britain, The Sound of Music, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Inside Daisy Clover, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Lock Up Your Daughters, Nobody Runs Forever, Oedipus the King, The Night of the Generals, and Triple Cross.
Michel Piccoli: Le Doulos, Contempt, Diary of a Chambermaid, La Guerre Est Finit, Les Creatures, The Young Girls of Rochefort, Belle De Jour, Danger: Diabolik, Dillinger is Dead, The Milky Way, Topaz, Lady L, The Day and the Hour, Masquerade, L'Invitée, Climats, Les Petits Drames, Adieu Philippine, La dragée haute, Le Bal des espions, Amazons of Rome, All About Loving, The Sleeping Car Murders, The War Is Over, The Game Is Over, Belle de Jour, Benjamin, Shock Troops, La Chamade, and La Prisonnière.
Tatsuya Nakadai: When a Woman Ascends the Stairs, Yojimbo,The Human Condition: A Soldier's Prayer, Immortal Love, Sanjuro, Harakiri ,High and Low, Kwaidan, The Sword of Doom, The Face of Another, Samurai Rebellion, Kill!, Goyokin, Portrait of Hell, Get 'em All, Daughters, Wives and a Mother ,Miren, A Woman's Life, Pressure of Guilt, Love Under the Crucifix, The Blue Beast, The Other Women, Kumo ga chigieru toki, Hakari, The Legacy of the 500,000, Saigo no shinpan, Blood End, Arijigoku sakusen, Kwaidan, Saigo no shinpan, Fort Graveyard, Cash Calls Hell, Illusion of Blood, Kojiro, The Age of Assassins, The Daphne, Today We Kill... Tomorrow We Die!, Rengō Kantai Shirei Chōkan: Yamamoto Isoroku, Blood End, Hitokiri, Eiko's 5000 Kilograms, and The Battle of the Japan Sea.
James Mason: Lolita, Duffy, Mayerling, The Sea Gull, Age of Consent, The Blue Max, Stranger in the House, The Deadly Affair, Georgy Girl, The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Pumpkin Eater, Genghis Khan, Lord Jim, The Uninhibited, Hero's Island, Torpedo Bay, Tiara Tahiti, The Trials of Oscar Wilde, The Marriage-Go-Round, and Escape from Zahrain.
Vincent Price: The Last Man on Earth, Witchfinder General, Convicts 4, Confessions of an Opium Eater, Tower of London, Tales of Terror, The Raven, Diary of a Madman, The Haunted Palace, The Masque of the Red Death, The Tomb of Ligeia, Twice-Told Tales, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, The Comedy of Terrors, City Under the Sea, The House of 1,000 Dolls, The Pit and the Pendulum, Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile, Rage of the Buccaneers, Beach Party, House of Usher, Master of the World, Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs, Spirits of the Dead, The Trouble with Girls, The Jackals, More Dead Than Alive, and The Oblong Box.
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John Gavin: Psycho, Midnight Lace, Back Street, The Madwoman of Chaillot, Thoroughly Modern Millie, OSS 117 – Double Agent, Tammy Tell Me True, Spartacus, Pedro Páramo, A Breath of Scandal, and Romanoff and Juliet.
Stephen Boyd: Lisa, Billy Rose's Jumbo, Fantastic Voyage, The Poppy Is Also a Flower, The Big Gamble, Slaves, The Caper of the Golden Bulls, Shalako, Assignment K, The Bible: In the Beginning..., The Fall of the Roman Empire, Genghis Khan, The Oscar, The Third Secret, and Imperial Venus.
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I Smoked PCP With A Demon

My day was already off to a bad start at 4pm when I ran out of heroin. Dan, my dealer, wasn’t answering texts or calls which was actually pretty unusual for him as opposed to many heroin dealers. He was a single dad with 2 kids and was always hustling to take care of them. Also he wasn’t addicted to heroin. That probably helped. Usually when he didn’t answer it meant his younger one had pooped his pants or stuck a bead up his nose. He always got back to me before I got *really* sick.
Today was different. I was getting *really* sick and I hadn’t even got a “yo sorry shane stuck a bead up his nose im at the hospital” text. I needed to get down to Mike D on the corner by the laundromat before I vomited. It was only a 5 minute walk.
I vomited after 2 ½ minutes, into a storm drain, next to a cat that was clearly unimpressed. As soon as my stomach was empty I was stumbling forward shakily again. When I got to the corner and I didn’t see Mike D I almost vomited again but there was someone standing in his spot and based on his jacket and posture I figured that this wasn’t a hostile takeover and Mike D had just gotten arrested. I was probably safe.
I walked over. Before I could say anything he gave me a wide smile with a slightly below average number of teeth and chortled a jovial “You look like shit. Need to get well?”
“Yeah,” I shivered. It was 25ºC (77ºF) and I was freezing. I was sweating profusely and yet freezing cold. My nose was running. I was clutching my flannel to my breasts to keep warm. I realized I did look like shit. Most women would probably be offended if someone said that to them but in my case it was true and I’d rather someone tell me the truth than lie and say I look fine with vomit on my shirt. Equality cuts both ways. Besides he was going to sell me heroin.
I pulled out a crinkled 20 and handed it to him and he handed me two bags. “You wanna try something special too?” I just blinked, nonplussed. “It’s brand new; called demon dust, like angel dust but even crazier.” I’ve smoked dust before. It’s fucking weird and awesome but right now I just needed to get back to my house and get well. I didn’t care to traverse the frontier of brand new research chemicals. Then he said the magic words: “First one’s free.” His voice went up and octave and pulled the word “free” out like taffy.
“Sure dude. Just lemme go before—” I vomited up the small amount of bile left in my stomach.
“Of course!” In an instant he whipped out a 1010 baggie filled generously with a flaky black powder and politely dropped it into my breast pocket without touching my breast. I rushed home as fast as I could.
The corner boys usually sold trash tar but these days trash tar was more likely to be cut with fentanyl and far too potent instead of the watered down trash I used to get in the mid 00s so no matter how sick I was I always did a half shot when I got new gear to test it out. That’s the weirdest part about being an addict, the push and pull of the death wish and survival instinct.
I cooked the first bag in my designated drug cooking spoon. I liked it because it had months worth of residue of all sorts of drugs so I would get a little blast of meth and K with every shot of H and a little H with every shot of K or meth. I was shivering violently as I drew the syringe but I was good at this part. I held my breath like a sniper and registered and shot in one clean motion.
Fuck that was good gear. Super clean. No fent. No trash. They say it’s never like the first time but that’s not true. There I was again in that perfectly self contained, perfect circle of self satisfaction. That’s heroin. Perfection that leads nowhere but back to itself.
When the initial nod was wearing off Dan still hadn’t messaged me back so I figured I’d try the demon dust while the dope still had legs. Now for anyone who isn’t a degenerate drug addict, PCP is frequently dissolved in liquid then soaked into mint leaves and dried. The result is something that looks like black tea leaves and smells like Sharpies. This looked no different.
I rolled it up with some tobacco, because I didn’t have the money for weed, and sparked it. After a few hits I felt a familiar space expanding in my head as the world began to slow down. My television began to sparkle around the edges as pixels forming Randy Marsh’s face drifted away on their own like stardust.
About halfway through the thing I heard a voice start talking to me. It sounded really far away and at first I couldn’t hear it but it got closer and closer, and one of the specs of light coming off the TV started getting bigger and bigger until both the voice and the spec popped into full view as a 6 legged goat with black hair and red eyes and the voice of an exasperated Jewish dentist. In fact he sounded a lot like my uncle Yoni who was in fact an exasperated Jewish dentist.
“...bullshit y’know? Third time this week I’ve been called in… I don’t care what the records say! This is the third time. Tell Caorthannach if she doesn’t sign off my overtime I’m going back to Satan Inc… It’s not just the hours! They have dental!... Yeah fuck you too. Buh bye.” I didn’t see him holding a phone but his eyes snapped up to me the way anyone’s would when they end a shitty phone call. “I’m sorry about that. It has nothing to do with you. We’ll do this right. No. Don’t let anyone say I don’t do my job! Which is why I should get paid! Sorry. Where were we?”
“I have no fucking idea,” I said honestly.
“Right. So you summoned me when you broke into the mausoleum and stole the rubies. Now I own your soul for eternity and can return at any time to seize your body to act upon the world as I wish.”
“Rubies? The fuck?”
“The rubies from the mausoleum! The mausoleum of the coming antichrist labeled “Jeff” in the cemetery down by the river! If I’m here you must have stolen them.”
“Man, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t rob any graves. I just smoked a lot of PCP.”
“What?” It was his turn to be confused.
“I’ve never been to whatever fucking cemetary you’re talking about. I bought some dope. The dude threw in some demon dust for free—”
“Demon dust? Oh those motherfuckers! Hold on.”
The goat turned away and stared off into space, presumably on his demon phone. “Get me Caorthannach right now!... No you may not take a message… Caorthannach! You released the demon dust and I’m not getting overtime! Give me one reason not to… Uh huh... Yeah... Well of course I’ll do it for points on the backend! Why didn’t you say so?... No, I understand why I can’t have the title. It’s safer to have it in the books not on the plaque… Thank you so much Caorthannach. I’m sorry for yelling. And tell Jennifer I’m sorry too... Yeah. Buh bye.”
The goat turned back to me. “They gave me points! I thought they’d never! Great. What’s your name again?”
“Alice,” I said calmly. I was high enough that I could not take the goat seriously even if I believed him to be real.
“Perfect. I’m Xaphan. Let’s see. I set fire to Heaven. I’m going to possess you. We’re going to burn stuff down on Earth— That’s about all you need to know. Let’s do this.” And with that my body became the host for a demon from hell. The first thing I did was finish smoking that PCP.
“Great,” I heard Xaphan say from inside my head. “Let’s start with your sister’s house.” It was a horrible feeling being transported to my sister’s house through a 2 wormholes and the bowels of hell but it was an even worse feeling rising from an unmarked grave in the dead of night, going to the nearest gas station, breaking the clerk’s neck, walking out with one of those red containers full of gasoline and a Zippo lighter, and walking to my sister’s door, all completely powerless to stop myself. I was watching a movie from the perspective of a body that was no longer mine. I knew everything Xaphan planned on doing and I would be forced to watch it happen.
Katy had this lovely wrap around porch with old wicker chairs, incandescent bulbs in cast iron lanterns, and a faded paisley carpet in the back that simultaneously didn’t belong and also tied the place together in a very inviting way. I poured gasoline on the whole damn thing.
My brain screamed inwards. “Please don’t. She’s in there with her fucking kid man.”
“And a very cute puppy that the kid wants to name Sparkles or Sprinkles but can’t decide. I’m aware. They’re all assholes. Fuck ‘em.”
“They didn’t do anything to you man!”
“I don’t give a fuck! I’m a demon! I set fire to fucking Heaven! I even destroyed Holy Insurance HQ so God couldn’t get reimbursed for damages! Let’s torch this bitch!” And we did. Xaphan hid me in the hedgerow across the street and made me watch Katy’s house burn and burn until the fire department showed up just a little bit too late. I could already hear the screaming coming from Bailey’s room.
Next was the homeless shelter, then a nursing home, then a car dealership, an Urban Outfitters, two houses of people I had never met, a Motel 6 that I happened to know ran an illegal casino in the basement on Tuesday nights that didn’t have liquor but would serve you GHB in Pepsi if you greased the right palms, and then a fucking children’s hospital.
I’ve never heard a noise like a 6 story building full of children all screaming and crying for help as their skin and flesh were scorched, charred, caramelized, and broiled. I could hear sirens roaring in the distance but it seemed like they could never arrive fast enough. Every building we burned they arrived as the first poor fools were jumping from windows hoping that broken legs would save them from the inferno.
I woke up on my bathroom floor, in a puddle of vomit even though I was right next to the toilet. Damn that demon dust was some wild shit. I had a text message from Dan, “yo i got stuck in an elevator with no service i can be there in an hour.”
I flipped on the TV while I waited. It was tuned to the news which was weird because I never watched the fucking news. It was local news. The reporter had that special tone that comes from trying to report horrible news with poise and good diction. “A series of arsons terrorized the town last night, affecting dozens of homes, several businesses, and Lady Mercy Children’s Hospital. Many escaped the blazes but 15 have been confirmed dead across town, and at least 73 more were injured.”
I couldn’t understand. It couldn’t be. My phone was ringing. It was my mom. She was crying. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t hear anything past the cacophony of surreality. I didn’t need to. I hung up.
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If You See Graffiti Reading "FOR A GOOD TIME CALL:", follow this "Rule of the Road"...

The following contains a transcript from a short radio broadcast that has been picked up by various listeners across the continental United States. Many have been perplexed by its sudden appearance and how it seems to preempt whatever song or radio program they are listening to at the time. It has even been known to appear on streaming programs such as podcasts or Spotify. Listeners have described hearing different episodes and there have been many situations and incidents.
A 23 year old college student named Yuvisela contacted me with her account of hearing the broadcast. She and her boyfriend had encountered the broadcast while driving one sultry summer afternoon from Austin, TX.
So I have this thing with waterfalls. I’m a little obsessed with them. In my free time and when I’m not paying attention in lecture, I like to look on the internet at pictures of them and daydream that I’m there: the roar of the splashing water, the white foamy spray, my bare toes dipped into the icy spring. I’ve got a Pinterest page with hundreds of falls that I would like to visit one day. Niagara, Havasu, Victoria Falls, Gullfoss, Iguazu; they’re all on there. I keep them all catalogued for my bucket list.
Yet, how many people go to the grave with their bucket list hardly finished? I bet a lot.
My boyfriend, Gabriel, likes to mess with me about my obsession. He’ll come up behind me while I’m on my computer or look over my shoulder at my phone and see that I’m looking at waterfalls.
“Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to,” he’ll sing when he catches me. It’s this old song he knows, TLC or something. He’s about six years older than me. I’ll joke with him to leave me alone and quit singing that old music, ask him if he used to listen to that on an 8-track or something.
“No, my older sister listened to it on CD. You know CD’s? Those little plastic things with the holes in them? That little slot in your car’s stereo, a CD goes in there. They don’t make ‘em in the new cars anymore.”
We’ve had a variation of this same conversation a bunch of times. It’s kind of a running joke between the two of us—him poking fun at my waterfall obsession and me making fun of how old he is—and while he thinks the waterfall thing is a cute little quirk of mine, he also has been supportive of my passion. That’s why he surprised me with the trip that summer. He knew that I was yearning to see some of these places. He knew that he wanted to make me happy. He knew that my resources were limited. He knew that we weren’t getting any younger; I was 23 and still had a semester to go.
But he also knew that we weren’t getting any richer, either. At least not anytime soon. I know I’m a little bit older for a college student, but it’s taken me a bit longer on account of having to work and stuff. I can’t take a full load every semester. Money’s always tight. I work full time and barely stay ahead, even sending some of my money to help my mom out. Gabriel offered to help me out some and we’d even talked about moving in together, but we had only been together a year at that point and I wasn’t quite ready.
Before my dad had passed, I’d promised him that I was going to get my college degree and I wanted to do it all on my own. While I loved Gabriel and could see myself marrying him, I didn’t want to deal with a transition like that so close to the finish line. Besides, we were getting along so well as it was. Why mess with a good thing?
And it was a good thing that kept better. Just when I thought that I couldn’t love Gabriel more, on my birthday he surprised me with the best present I’ve ever gotten. It was a little black notebook with this kind of leathery cover. While the notebook itself was nice, it was what was inside that was the true present. At some point, he had gone onto my Pinterest page and written down page after page of waterfalls, organizing them by country and state. He had put little squares beside them, boxes to check off. The last two pages were Texas and Oklahoma. He had written a note there. It read:
“Let’s start now...”
* * *
So far, the trip had been a blast. We had started out in Abilene where we both lived and where I attended college. From there, we went to a place called Gorman Falls at this state park. It was one of the tallest waterfalls in the state and all of the foliage and moss around it was lush and green and for a while, if I crossed my eyes just right it was like I wasn’t even in Texas.
We couldn’t hit all the sites in a day. It was a road trip with multiple nights in hotels. After Gorman Falls and staying at a hotel, we headed towards Austin and stopped off at Hamilton Pool Preserve. The waterfall wasn’t as tall as Gorman, but I have to say I liked it better. The water formed a curtain as it poured off of a rocky shelf and into this sunken grotto of blue green water.
We stayed at this magical place for hours, swimming in the water and soaking up the sun. I could’ve stayed longer, but it was starting to get crowded, so we headed to Austin for a night on the town on 6th Street.
The next day we slept in and got a late start on the road. Lunch was at a Whataburger outside Waco. We sat and ate our food and looked at our phones. I browsed Instagram and my eyes skimmed over a gorgeous site. Yep, another waterfall. I slid my phone over to Gabriel.
“Look!” I said.
“Am I supposed to be looking at the butt or the waterfall?” he asked. An Instagram model was standing with her back to the camera, looking up at the water in awe.
“The waterfall, silly.”
“Seriously, that skinny white girl ain’t got nothing on you. Better let me take a look, just to be sure.”
I stood and twirled around quickly, teasing him. “Ok, so back to the waterfall. Did you look at it?”
“Yeah, it’s beautiful babe. Where was this one?”
“Iceland,” I sighed.
“Oh, right.”
“It’s not looking good for the time being. Maybe in a few years, yeah?”
“Just gotta see how the election goes. I ain’t holding my breath.”
See, neither of us were U.S. citizens. We were what you call DACA recipients. Both of us had wound up in America via illegal means on behalf of our parents, back when we were kids. This was when we were too young to have any say in the matter. I can hardly remember my life before, my life back in Mexico. I grew up here, went to school here. Texas and America is the only home I’ve ever known. Gabriel, he was originally from Guatemala. His situation is more or less the same.
If we were to leave the country, then we might risk not being able to get back in. You could apply for eligibility to travel if you had special circumstances, but they didn’t allow travel for leisure. We didn’t even have passports. Until then, our dreams of traveling—something we both wanted to do—were just that: dreams.
There was a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Obama and that DREAM act, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. You know, the dreamers or whatever? That’s what they call us. I guess they call it that because it’s just a freaking fantasy that disappears at the slightest thing—the sunrise, your phone alarm—out of your grasp as soon as you start your day.
Anyways, I applied for the DREAM act, but it hasn’t been a guarantee. We’re all stuck in a sort of limbo, waiting for the people in Washington to figure out what the hell to do with us, using us as a bargaining chip.
Not Gabriel though, he didn’t apply for the act. Part of it was that he was bad about procrastinating. The other part was that he was paranoid about signing up. I told him that he was an idiot and if he blew his chance to become a legal permanent resident, then I wouldn’t follow him to Guatemala if he got deported. He told me that he didn’t trust the program, that once they had you in the system they could track you easier, keep tabs on you. Said he knew a guy that got deported this way. I told him that the guy must’ve gotten into some legal trouble, a DUI or something, to have been deported.
“We’re all just one slip up from some legal trouble. Hell, some people consider us illegal right now,” he had said.
It was hard to argue against that, I guess. At least he knew where he stood, didn’t have that false hope. Sometimes I think it’s the hope that gets you, makes things worse.
Gabriel frowned and handed the phone back to me, looked out the window and took a sip of his Coke. I suddenly felt bad and ungrateful. Here was this amazing man that had planned out an awesome road trip just for me and I was busy looking at other far off adventures, not appreciating what I had right in front of me, the moment I was living in right now.
I leaned forward and kissed him. "I don't care where I'm at as long as you're with me," I said and he smiled.
What I told him just then, it was true. That didn’t mean I was going to grow complacent and quit dreaming.
They did call us dreamers after all.
It was one of those giant truck stops, the kind that was a little smaller than a Wal-Mart or Target, but just barely. We filled up and paced around inside and looked at the aisles and aisles of candy, the funny toys and souvenirs, and the tacky t-shirts.
“Hey Yuvi, whaddaya say? It’s your size.” Gabriel asked, holding up a black t-shirt with glittery letters. “PROUD TRUCKER WIFE” it read.
“Only if you get that one,” I said, pointing at a T-shirt with a semi-truck on it that read “I JUST DROPPED A LOAD”.
“Eww,” Gabriel said, laughing.
We both wandered around on our own. They had a huge candy section and I was looking to see if they had any vero elotes candy. I had just found a bag on a bottom shelf when Gabriel came skipping up.
“We are so getting this,” he said, holding up a plastic CD case.
“What is it?”
“Best of the ‘90s. It’s got your song on there, see? ‘Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls.’ Can we get it? It’s only 3.99.”
“Ha, ok. But only if you buy me this,” I said, handing him the candy.
There was traffic from hell just south of Denton on account of construction and a car wreck or two. We were stop-and-go for what seemed like an hour. I was passenger side and Gabriel idled along.
“Ok. I think now’s the time to break out this bad boy,” Gabriel said as he started tearing at the plastic wrap around the CD case.
“I think this is the first time I’ve even used the CD player in this car.”
“Aw hell yeah,” Gabriel said as the first song started playing. “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.”
“Getting what, now?”
“It’s your boy, Will Smith. Y’know the Fresh Prince? Betcha didn’t know he had a little music career.”
“That guy from I Am Legend and Aladdin?”
Gabriel rolled his eyes. “I guess. His older work is much better.”
“Well I don’t know. You act like you're this old and wise millennial. You’re not that much older than me, y’know.”
“I’m telling ya, my Gen-X sister raised me on all of this stuff. I think she was Gen-X. I don’t know the damn cutoffs. Anyways, she babysat me a lot growing up while Mama was working and stuff. She cultured my little ass. Ooh, here it is!”
A new song started playing. I couldn’t help but laugh at how it started. “It sounds like porn music!”
“Nah, shhhh. Shhh.” Gabriel bobbed his head along to the beat.
The chorus started to worm it’s way into my head. The song was ok, I guess. I still can’t really listen to it to this day.
“You gotta listen to this dope rap coming up,” Gabriel said.
There was the sound of hissing and popping, wet logs burning in a fire. Whispers intermingled with the sound effects. One of the voices rose above the others and said “Listen!” harshly in Spanish, you know, “Escuchen! Escuchen!”, several times.
We both looked at each other with wide eyes. The traffic crept forward slowly and Gabriel kept his hands on the wheel and I kept mine in my lap and that’s when he started to talk. It was this happy sounding older guy, talking right there on my car’s speakers.
Gooood afternoon folks, Buck Hensley here with a special rush hour edition of “The Rules of the Road”. Hope ya’ll are doing alright out there while you’re idling on the clogged arteries of America’s highways and byways, breathing in those delicious exhaust fumes. I know that good ol’ Mother Earth likes to take a big fat rip of that stuff from time to time, although as of late she seems to be getting quite a contact high from that delicious Co2 and starting to feel the effects just a little too much.
And yet you all keep puff-puffing and passing, never slowing down. What with your jet planes and your driving and your travel and your neverending consumption and your cow farts and whatnot. All I’m saying is that you folks might wanna slow down a bit on that stuff, because I’ve seen the end results and all I can say is that they are hilarious. But I understand if you wanna keep on keeping on and having a good time. All I can say is smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.
Speaking of good times, that reminds me of today’s special “Rule of the Road”. You’re gonna want to listen to this one as it’s all about good times. Why that was Carla’s favorite sitcom for a spell there, “Good Times”. She’d watch reruns on into the night, the TV casting a pale glow that was kinda comforting across the bed, and I’d wake up to live studio laughter and her snoring softly beside me, the serene look of slumber on her face and the years I’d wasted.
Gabriel and I both looked at eachother. He shrugged and reached for the stereo. I shooed his hand away. I wanted to listen to it. The voice continued.
But I digress...well now, on to today’s “Rule of the Road”. If at any point during your journey you stop off for a pitstop or a potty break and you enter a public restroom to do your business, take note of the writing on the stalls. You might notice some graffiti that reads, “For a Good Time, Call” and then a phone number listed after it. If you do notice this, then take the number down for later use. Whenever you are in dire need of a good time, then give that number a call.
Now before you go off with a bee in your bonnet and tell me how you ain’t gonna call no sketchy phone number taken off a lady’s or men’s room wall, let me just tell you that this will be worth it. You can trust me. When has old Bucky ever let ya down?
I know what you’re gonna say next though, you’re gonna say, “Buck, I don’t ever call no numbers on my phone. I’m deathly afraid of voices on the other line. If I can’t text and send little emojis and the like, then forget it. If I can’t use an app to order Thai food or a pizza, then I go hungry that night. I haven’t even made an appointment to a doctor since I’ve lived with my parents. What if since we can’t see each other’s faces we start talking at the same time and we talk over each other and then say, ‘oops sorry, no you go ahead’ and then we both say it again at the same time and then we both start trying to talk again and then get stuck in some sort of infinite loop?”
And to that I say, “fair enough.” Don’t use the phone. The consequences of not following this rule are a little less dire than previous rules you may have heard. If you don’t follow this rule then you will simply miss out on a good time. That’s it. But you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything, would ya?
Welp. That’s all I’ve got on this fine late afternoon. May the wind be always at your back, your picnic basket full of snacks, and your cheese ever be pepper jack. Ya’ll stay sane out there. Stay symbiotic. Stay lonely. I'm Buck Hensley and these are "The Rules of the Road".
The voice instantly stopped and the song returned playing. Gabriel had a dumbfounded look on his face.
"What the hell?" he said and tried to rewind the CD.
"Umm, was that part of the song? Maybe a different version?"
"No way," he said and kept rewinding and playing the song over. The little skit that we heard never returned.
“Weird,” I said.
“Beats the heck out of me.”
“Maybe the CD is haunted. That was pretty spooky, y’know? That voice telling us to listen.”
“Maybe it was like a hidden track or something. They used to put those on CD’s back in the day. And this CD was pretty cheap and has all these songs on it. Could’ve been like a pirated deal.”
We weren’t really scared by the broadcast or whatever it was, just more confused. It was only looking back that we saw the importance of what we had heard and how from there our path seemed to be led a certain way.. At the time it was just this weird little thing, a funny little mystery that was forgettable for the time being.
We crept along for a while without incident, the traffic slowly gaining momentum. The music on the CD played on as usual and we heard no extra voices. The songs played like they were supposed to. Everything was fine.
Of course, outside of Gainesville, it hit me. I had been trying to ignore it and power through until we stopped for the night, but I had the sudden urge to pee. All that slow traffic and iced tea and a bottle of water must’ve caught up with me. This was intense. Usually I could hold it pretty good, but I had to get Gabriel to stop at the first exit we saw.
It was this gas station kind of off by itself and it was all dingy and old and faded and didn’t look the cleanest. Gabriel parked and my lower stomach and bladder ached as soon as I stood up and got out of the car. I burst into the place and made a beeline towards the restroom, over in the corner past the ATM and the glass fridges down a hall with burnt out fluorescent lights.
They were singles that you could lock, one for men and one for women. The floor was sticky and paper towels piled out of a trash can and a strip of toilet paper floated in a pool of standing water. A condom dispensing machine was on the wall opposite the toilet.
It wasn’t the worst public restroom I’d ever used and I didn’t have many options; I was literally about to piss myself. I would have to do the hover move over the toilet seat. No seat covers in a joint like this and I didn’t have time to prep it with toilet paper anything.
So I was doing my business, my thighs burning from the squat, and kind of laughing to myself at the condom dispenser machine with its brands like the “FRENCH TICKLER” and that’s when I saw it, the graffiti written in Sharpie, right there on the vending machine. It said, “For A Good Time, Call 9xx-XXX-XXXX [Redacted]”.
After I finished and had washed my hands, I snapped a pic of the graffiti. I figured Gabriel would get a kick out of it.
“You’re supposed to call it. That’s the rule,” Gabriel said when I showed him.
“I’m too nervous. You call. You heard it, too.”
“How many of those things do you even see? I’ve seen them all the time. I bet it’s just dudes pranking each other or fucking with their ex-girlfriends.”
“Well I found it in the ladies room, so hopefully it wasn’t dudes.”
“Okay, you enter it in your phone and I’ll dial. I’ll try to do a caller ID block or something. Let’s just see what happens.”
“Are you sure?”
“Eh come on. Maybe it’s fate.”
The Texas travel center appeared on the southbound side of the interstate and we were soon crossing the Red River on into Oklahoma as I transcribed the numbers from the picture to the keypad on my dialer.
A large casino came into view. It was ginormous with this sort of facade of all these famous buildings on its outside. I could see Big Ben and that Roman coliseum and all these other world architecture things. The casino just stretched on and on.
“Aw, not again,” Gabriel said.
I had just finished transposing the number into the phone. The crazy casino had distracted me. “What is it, babe?”
“Another jam.”
The traffic was veering into the right hand lane, but it was still moving at a decent clip, like 45 mph or something. After a mile of this, I could see a couple of highway patrol cars parked across the interstate, blocking both lanes of traffic. A state trooper stood out in the middle, waving a flashlight thing and directing traffic to take the exit. There was still about an hour of daylight left and you couldn’t even see the light. He was just using it as a baton. Somewhere off in the distance there was a thick wall of smoke filling the evening sky with this surreal haze.
“Wonder what’s going on?” I asked.
“Who knows? Grassfire, maybe.”
We followed the other cars and trucks down the exit ramp. Some turned right, some turned left.
“Right or left? Right or left?” Gabriel asked.
There seemed to be more cars turning left. Maybe they knew something we didn’t. But then, we would be stuck behind them and it was getting dark and we were already behind schedule. I wanted to get the hell out of the car.
“Um, right! Right,” I said, trying to pull up the GPS on my phone. It was lagging and my service had kicked over to 3G. “Freaking Verizon,” I muttered.
We drove down a highway past empty fields fenced off by barbed wire. There were houses and barns and oilfield pump jacks every so often, but not much else. No gas stations or a sign of a town or much else, really. After driving into all this nothingness for a while, my phone completely lost all signal. The cars around us thinned out and there was only a black SUV in front of us.
“Hey babe, I have no service and can’t pull up the GPS. Wanna turn back around?”
“Nah, let’s just keep going. We’ve come this far, yeah? We’ll hit a main road eventually, get some service.”
I sighed in response as he kept driving, let him know I didn’t approve.
“We’ll turn north soon, ok? All roads lead to Turner Falls.”
I checked my phone every fifteen seconds, looking for a signal.
“C’mon Gabe, we’re gonna get lost out here. Let’s just go back, follow the other cars or see if they’ve opened up the interstate again.”
“Look, this looks like a good road. We’ll cut north here and drive aways and then cut back west towards the interstate. It’s literally impossible to get lost out here. Just trying not to lose any more time.”
But it wasn’t so simple and the nervous feeling in my stomach was validated when the road we drove north on turned to gravel. The sun was long gone and our headlights cut a tunnel through the night as barbed wire whizzed by, separating us from pastures that were elevated above the road on grassy rises. I started to fear the worst, thinking of every horror movie I’d ever seen that had started out this way: the headstrong man refusing to admit that he was lost and didn’t know where he was going and the increasingly pissed off and worried girl that was with him.
Babe, please just turn around,” I pleaded.
“Ok, ok. Still no signal, eh?”
I looked down at my phone. Finally, there was one bar of service. “Yes! Hang on.”
“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Gabriel said, his voice growing louder.
My stomach dropped as what appeared in the rear view mirror was just as scary as any sort of Freddy or Jason or Leatherface from the big screen.
Part 2
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A list of ideas for Jailbreak that I made instead of doing homework. What do you think?

Role ideas:
Citizen — You spawn into the game with your own house that you can customize (there is some benefit to adding things to your house but i haven’t thought of it yet, also everything added to your house can be robbed by criminals) cops can see your position as well as criminals on the map. You need to follow every law. If you get caught committing a crime (like, you can commit crimes all you want as long as you don’t get caught. You can rob banks and jewelry stores but can’t start the robbery because of the message that you started a robbery. You can’t rob gas station and other small stores and if anyone trips the alarm in museum you will be caught. On other robberies like trains you won’t get caught. ATMs don’t give police notifications so your safe there too. In the factory you will be safe as long as the police don’t see you. After committing a crime police can’t arrest you unless you were caught. If you are caught committing a crime you will automatically switch to criminal. If you get away with a crime and are not caught you will still be considered a citizen and will be viewed as innocent/you can’t get arrested or killed by cops. Upon death you will respawn in your home. If you pickpocket a police officer they won’t know and you’ll still be innocent. If you buy guns the police won’t be notified but if you buy explosives they will. You can only use cars that belong to you or you will be caught. The citizen team color is green. If a citizen kills someone they won’t be caught but if a police is within 50 studs of the murder they will be caught.
Mafia — The role won’t appear on your role selection screen unless you buy it for 450 robux. With this role you will spawn in the mafia base which includes 5 prison cells that do not open (there are ways to escape. If a prisoner escapes the mafia cages the mafia will be notified. If you are in the cage you will be tagged as a prisoner regardless of previous role. When you escape you’ll return to your previous role.) Mafia members can fill these cells by arresting criminals and citizens and prisoners. Mafia can only arrest criminals within 2 minutes after they commit a crime and can only arrest prisoners if the prisoner is carrying any contraband. They can only arrest citizens who have weapons on them. Mafia will be notified of everyone’s position at all time, except for police. Mafia spawn with the following in their inventory: Tommy gun Handcuffs Alternative key card (don’t know a name for it yet. Can be stolen. Grants access to the mafia base.) Mafia members are able to commit crimes. They can only be arrested within 2 minutes of committing a crime unless they are caught in the act, if they are caught committing the crime they can be arrested within 5 minutes of the crime. They are not visible to anyone on any maps. The only people who can see them on the map are other mafia members. There are two mafia bases. Both have 5 cells (so 10 cells total) if all cells are full handcuffs will stop working. When you arrest a player while all cells are full the player will be free and the mafia member will receive a notification that all cells are full. You wont take damage or anything like a cop would unless the player is innocen/does not fit the criteria for an arrest. The first mafia base (the main one) consists of a mafia armory granting access to 2 extra guns, the mafia car (similar to the wraith in terms of being a car with a gun turret, but better and noticeably different. It can hold 4 players. A driver, one in the front passenger seat, one in the gun turret, which is placed off to the side, and comes out of the back left passenger, and one in the back right passenger.) There is also a mafia outfit which is optional to wear. It includes a shirt, pants, a fedora, and one other clothing piece. The second mafia base includes five cells, a mafia armory, a collector, a garage, and a spot to dress out. Unlike normal prisoners, prisoners to the mafia will not be put in prison outfits and will keep the clothes on they had during the arrest. Each mafia cell had a different creative way to escape but the doors to the cell don’t open without a key. The cells escape methods include:
1. Digging your way out with a spoon (the spoon is under the prison bed. you can then stand in the center and click. 100 clicks will get you out.) 2. Breaking out from the wall (the wall is weak and will collapse when you run into it.) 3. Smashing the wall (a hammer is located under the sink. Smash the wall and it will break.) 4. The tunnels (if you hold E on the toilet it will be picked up and moved. Under the toilet there is a tunnel that will lead you out. 5. Crawling out (there’s a small hole in the wall under the bed you can crawl out through) 6. The window (theres a window. punch it then crawl out through it) 7. jumping (there’s a hole in the roof if you jump properly you’ll get out.) 8. Pulling the bars (the bars are weak enough you can pull them apart by pressing and holding E. then you just walk out.) 9. blowing it up (explode the back wall same way as in prison) 10. Making a call (find the phone in the sink and make a phone call wait thirty seconds and someone on the other side will blow it up.) 
Each cell has a different method. You can also get let out by someone with a key. The mafia team color is matte black. As mafia every vehicle you get in defaults to a red and black color scheme unless you have mobile garage but you can change that in the garage.
Superhero/supervillain — This role only appears for you in the role selection screen if you pay 500 robux for it. The superhero role spawns you in the superhero base which is placed on a tall hill on the edge of the main island. inside the superhero base there is a jet that you will be given for free with the game pass. You will also receive a bat mobile looking car with a gun turret controlled by the driver. Superheroes spawn with nothing in their inventory. Inside the base there is a superhero armory with different super suits. This is where you get your powers. The suits don’t have names, and you don’t need to get the suits on if you don’t want. you’ll get the powers from standing on the platform in front of the suit. A tube will come down and surround you for a second. You will be lifted off the ground. after a second the tube will go back into the roof and you will have your powers. If you want the suit you can still click on it though. You can only have one power at a time. The different powers include:
1. Super speed, fast enough to walk on water while sprinting. 2. Invisibility. To activate, just hold the superpower button (not sure which one it is but it’s one of the easy to reach unused buttons.) 3. Flight. It only lasts for so long though. To use double jump. 4. Later vision. To use, press the power button. 5. Fire. Throws a massive fire ball at the direction you want. Press the superpower button to get a fireball then aim it the same way you do a gun. Click to throw. Double press the superpower button to engulf yourself in flames, damaging everyone you run into and leaving a flaming trail where you run. 6. Ice. Let’s you throw shards of ice same way as fire. Double jump to create an ice path allowing you to walk on air and water. 7. Teleportation. Press the power button then a yellow circle will appear around you. You can teleport anywhere in the yellow circle. 8. Electricity. Travel through power lines and telephone lines. Turn off electricity at will. This includes security during robberies. The electric shut down lasts 5 seconds and has a really long cool down. 
Superheroes can commit crimes to become super villains. Supervillains have all the same traits as criminals except they have powers. In the supervillain base where they spawn, there is all the same stuff as a criminal base but it also gives you dark versions of the super suits as well as all the same superpowers. Supervillains also get the jet and the car still. If killed by a superhero you will be automatically arrested and if killed by a villain nothing happens. If a villain is arrested they lose all their powers. Same thing happens when killed. This goes for heroes too. Superhero team color is yellow supervillains are purple. Supervillain bass is located underground in an island separate from the rest of the map. In the center of the base there is a bomb. If you press and hold E on it for 0.5 seconds it opens a menu allowing you to drop the bomb on any part of the map. You do not get to see if anyone is there though. The bomb will deal damage to everyone in the area regardless of team. Heroes can damage prisoners and criminals and mafia. Villains can damage police and citizens. Only villains can access the villain base and only heroes can access the hero base.
[This one is a sort of bad idea but whatever] Military — Military spawn in the military base on the jungle island. They have access to 5 different military uniforms. 4 are camo. They spawn with 2 different exclusive military guns and have access to 5 more in the armory. These include:
AR (spawned with) Sniper Alt. shotgun Mini gun Alt pistol (spawned with) Grenade launcher Air strike (same as villain’s bomb but you can carry it around. It has a 3 minute cool down and the area you can strike is the 2x same size as the part of the bank that you earn money in. They also receive 3 free vehicles: Tank (carries 3 players. Driver, passenger, and cannon person. The cannon can deal enough damage to kill a player and leaves behind fire. The one manning the turret pays for explosives. You get 3 explosives before you have to pay $5000 for more.) Army truck (same as normal truck but it carries up to 12 people) Military ship (smaller version of warships. holds 5 players. Driver passenger and 3 people to man 3 turrets.) The military can kill criminals and villains. Upon getting killed by military you will respawn in prison and military takes your bounty. Military color is dark green.
Car dealership— The cars outside are worth nothing, they are just normal cars that you can buy. On the inside of the car dealership there is a collection of cars, behind security lasers and such. The cars there are completely random. Each time you will be faced with different random cars. All the cars though, Are cars that can be bought in the game. You have to pick one car. The more expensive in game the better. When you pick the car, you are able to drive it, it doesn’t matter if you own the car or not you can drive it during a robbery. Once you have it, you need to drive it out of the dealership. You need to avoid security lasers because every time you run into one the value of the car decreases. You also need to follow road laws because every time you crash the value decreases. As soon as you exit the dealership with the car the police are notified (this means you cannot rob it as a citizen.) and they will also be aware of your exact location until you deliver the car to the collector in the criminal base. As a citizen you can still rob the dealership as long as you stay in the passenger seat. As a passenger in a robbery you will receive 1/2 the amount the driver gets. To determine the amount you earn from the robbery, you will receive 1/5 the price of the car -1/10 the original earnings for every crash. So if you’re stealing a lambo, you will earn 20,000 for the robbery, but every crash would cost you 2,000. Due to the placement of the lasers it’s nearly impossible not to crash at least twice so don’t get your hopes up about earning the full amount of the car. The more expensive the car is the rarer it will appear so don’t plan on stealing a lambo every time. To complete the robbery you need to deliver the car to the collector at your mafia base or criminal base (supervillain base isn’t car accessible and has no collector.)
ATM — There are ATMS scattered around the map. 7 in the city, 8 in the rest of the main island outside the city. To rob an ATM you walk up to it and press and hold E for 8 seconds. Police will not be notified of the robbery and you will earn a random amount of money. The minimum possible is $200 and the maximum is $5000. There is no chance to it it’s completely random. Although police won’t be notified you will be visible on their maps until 30 seconds after the robbery is complete.
Passenger plane — The boarding and exiting is the same as on the cargo plane, but the robbery part is the same as on the passenger train. The limit for cash this time is $4500
House — Criminals and other people on that side can rob citizen houses and apartments (which always come for free. The floor plan and decoration never changes but the placement is always different. Sometimes it’s an apartment other times it’s a house.) Citizens can lose money from having their home robbed (if you’re a criminal that started as a citizen you keep the house, also if you’re a prisoner that started as a citizen. as long as you have a home you’ll lose money if you get it robbed) citizens can pay for security to get their homes safer and more difficult to rob. The amount you lose will be the same amount the robber earns. If they steal more than you have then you will go into debt. Security includes cameras which notify you if your home is getting robbed (you will be notified of who it is but the cops won’t know) lasers which damage the robber and notify you and police ( the more you pay the more damage they deal.) traps which damage the robber, and security alarms which notify you and police as soon as your door is even opened while you’re not home. The door security is hidden and untraceable too. Robbers can steal anything that the owner has bought. For every object they steal they earn 1/2 the price of it for completing the robbery by giving it to the collector. If the robber is arrested before completing the robbery then the citizen gets the money back. There are several points of entry: chimney, door, window, and for apartments, balcony.
Criminal base raid — This robbery is only available for police, heroes, mafia, and military. During a raid, police will enter the criminal base and break open the door with explosives (press and hold he for 5 seconds) to commit the robbery/raid, at the volcano base, you blow the door, and press and hold E on all of the collectors to get the money from them. You will get all the earnings from the most recent robbery completed with that collector. The raids inconvenience criminals and villains in some way that would motivate them just enough to want to protect the base during a raid. During a raid police heroes and mafia can kill any criminals in the base as well for extra cash. They will receive 1.5x the bounty. from killing criminals in raids and will earn 2x the bounty for arrests. After the door is blown all criminals will receive notice of the raid being started. During a raid police can also confiscate the guns for +$200 per gun and have access to the level 10 area regardless of actual level. To raid the city base you start by confiscating the guns in the criminal base. Every crate in the base can be raided for +$500 to +$1000.As well as a bonus chest in the building of the criminal base that gives the police all the earnings from the most recent jewelry robbery. The criminals still profit police the same way. Police can raid the crates at the air place to receive the earnings from the past robbery there as well. There is a 5 minute break in between every raid. During the jungle criminal base raid (a third base on the military island opposite to the position of the military base) police can raid the collectors again as well as raiding the hidden cash vaults granting all the earnings from the most recent bank and train robberies. Heroes can raid the villain base but police can’t. To begin a villain base robbery you need to blow down the door using your powers (every power has a way of blowing down the door except invisibility so invisibility people can use bombs)
The mall — A collection of 15+ different stores which can be robbed the same way as the donut shop. Upon robbing one police are notified you’re robbing the mall. The stores include: ⁃ 4 clothing stores (automatically dresses you out) ⁃ 3 restaurants (gives pizza from one, burgers from another, and coffee from the third. Pizza and burgers heal you coffee speeds up your sprinting speed by 5% for 30 seconds and can be consumed 3 times) ⁃ 3 furniture stores (gives nothing) ⁃ 2 cosmetic stores (gives nothing) ⁃ 3 shop stands (give nothing) ⁃ 3 tech shops (gives a phone which allows you to call up players, allowing them to choose to teleport to you or decline to do so) ⁃ 1 art exhibit (gives nothing) ⁃ 3 candy shops (one gives a lollipop, which heals you and gives you a faster running speed and higher jumps for 30 seconds, one gives a chocolate bar which heals and one gives a hard candy which heals) ⁃ 2 game shops (give nothing) ⁃ 1 toy store (gives a teddy bear that does nothing) the mall is always open but the stores have the same cool down as the gas station. When they are closed they will have the thing showing it’s closed the same way as in real malls.
Gun shop — Players visit it all the time in jailbreak. upon robbing the cash register you will be rewarded with the amount of money that the guns taken from the past players combined cost (so if player 1 came and took a $5,000 shotgun you earn $5000 from robbing the gun shop)
Cargo ship — (Can enter from riding a boat to the side and climbing a ladder or by jumping on it when it goes under the bridge. Police are notified when you enter a crate. Standing in a crate gives you up to $1000 and gives $100 per second. You can rob up to 5 crates. The bags limit you by crates robbed not by money. The boat never disappears it moves constantly between the main island the jungle island and the prison island. After a crate is robbed that crate disappears. The boat stops at a dock at all three islands to restock. There are 20 crates normally. To get off you can jump and swim to shore or wait until the boat reaches a dock and get off there. The robbery ends when you get to shore anywhere. Because the boat never disappears it’s technically always open but you have limited crates.
Casino — The casino can be entered when it’s open and when it’s closed. While closed the casino is filled with casino machines that actually work, allowing you to gamble your money. In the back the casino has a spot that is only available when closed. The ceiling is glass and can be broken so you can fall through (be careful of fall damage) Head to the back and you will see a floor of lasers. Dodge the lasers and make your way to the vault. There you will find a code locking the vault door. To get the code you need to dodge the lasers and make your way to the room upstairs. There is an office there with a computer. Hold E to hack the computer and you will get the code. Go back down and enter the code. Now just stand there and earn money bank style. Exit the casino to complete the robbery. In order to get busted a cop has to enter the vault.
Pickpocketing — Criminals can pickpocket other criminals the same way they would with police. They can steal small objects such as pistols or binoculars as well as stealing money. The money you steal is always >$100 and if you’re stealing from criminals, they won’t lose anything. The money you steal comes from their bounty, and the other objects you steal will be given to you but still stay in their inventory. (this would be a great way to get force field guns and swords if you can’t afford them!) when pickpocketing citizens you will take from their actual money because they have no bounty. Pickpocketing mafia gives a chance at receiving the mafia key card. Also, players cannot pickpocket the same person twice in one minute (unless it’s a cop or mafia because key cards but you can’t pickpocket anything from mafia except for key cards pistols and chocolate)
Spaceship — appears once every five minutes. to rob it you need to load onto it while it’s open and then wait until liftoff. There is a vault in the back filled with rocket fuel which powers the ship. Use some rocket fuel to get back to earth and keep some for yourself. Each container of rocket fuel is worth $500 and about 1/3 of it is needed for the ship to return to earth. There are 15 containers. You can carry as much as you want regardless of bag size but you need to leave 1/3 for the ship. When you return home, give the rocket fuel to the collector to get your money. The longer you take collecting fuel the farther from earth you get. You need to pilot the ship and steer it home. for every 10 seconds spent collecting that’s another 1/3 of fuel needed to return. To return home just sit in the seat and it will move on it’s own. To arrest criminals during the robbery, police would have to stow away on the trip and arrest them which is possible. In the airship there is no gravity and the ship is big which i think would make for some interesting fight mechanics between crims and cops. Explosives and superpowers won’t work in there as they will just cause a tear in the ship and kill all the passengers. You can also escape the ship by putting on a space suit and opening the airlock. Then you will slowly fall back into earth. There’s a 1/2 chance of surviving the part where you enter earths atmosphere and if you do survive you’ll be badly damaged. Use a parachute to avoid death on your way down.
City Central vault — A large building in the middle of the city where upon entry opens a massive vault. To break in you place explosives on the door. After that you need to open the vault by pulling 3 different levers, places on opposite ends of a laser filled room. Stand in the vault to earn $100 per second and the maximum amount of money is $10,000. If the police manage to trap you in the vault by pulling all the levers back you will be arrested. If they step into the vault nothing happens but they are still close enough to arrest.
The mine — An entirely underground mine where players will have to steal gold and other precious gems from the mine, while at the same time they need to be careful. The mine is like playing Jenga and stealing the wrong rock can cause everything to collapse and kill you. If successful, robbers will earn up to 7,000 for completing the robbery by delivering it to the collector. If the police enter the mine, they need to be careful too. One wrong step or one missed shot can cause the cave to collapse again. Explosives are dangerous here too.
Tech store — Criminals enter from the bottom, grab electronics into their bag (not a normal bag though, it can be dropped/put down by pressing the superpower button, which, since villains can’t use their powers while carrying the bag, still works). Carry the bags to the top of the building after dodging lasers and such. Then shoot the glass on top and jump out (with your bag) take the bag to the city base to finish the robbery.
Night club — Similar to the bank but no lasers, to enter you need to sneak in through the back of just avoid the main entrance. Once your in, make your way to the vault on the bottom floor. On the main floor with the nightclub there is nothing in your way and it’s not even considered a robbery yet. Once you get to the second floor (below the first floor) you will start having obstacles that get more and more difficult until you reach the vault. Same thing as the bank from there.
Temple — On a (third island???) there is a desert with a temple in the center. Enter the temple from the main entrance (when closed the entrance will look caved in) and dodge old movie like traps on your way down. You’ll have to run from massive boulder like Indiana Jones, there will be a water trap where you have to avoid pressure plates or else you’ll drown, there will be poison dart traps, etc. At the bottom of the temple there is an idol you can take worth $6,500. Take it, escape back to the exit, and deliver the idol to the collector to earn the money.
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GTA VI Credible Leak ?

here is my ID badge that i use to get in and out of work. ( Name and picture is blurred for my protection.) date 2019-2020.
Everyone has been waiting, a credible leak for Grand Theft Auto 6. I will not be stating my name or anything, this is a personal throwaway account, But I do work at Rockstar Games. This next addition to the title will be keeping the tradition of roman numerals, ( GTA VI ) but I will often refer to it as GTA 6, to make things easier.
be sure to read everything, as I have taken the risk and time to leak a lot of vital information.
First off I’d like to state that all previous leaks about GTA 6 is a hoax. All of the leaks regarding GTA 6 taking place in any other area than Vice City, is a hoax.
I will be breaking down the characters, storyline, and more.
Grand Theft Auto VI is designed to be the most developed video game in history, and redefine open sand box games, letting the player fully immerse in the world and storyline.
In Grand Theft Auto 6 the game will take place in Vice City, but the previous storyline leaks etc, is all fake. The plot is completely different,. The game will host 3 protagonists, one being a middle aged white man named Johnathon Brooks, but is often referred to as John. John is going thru a mid-life crisis, and lives on the returning area called Starfish Island. John essentially is a life long career criminal, and exposes the player to a new crime element, fraud. John was born in Carcer City, and moved to Vice City at age 17, after running away from his foster parents, not much is known about his previous life before then, except he was in a very poor family.
John got into the fraud game in the early 2000’s, and he is 38 in game. he earned his money thru many fraudulent activities like credit card fraud, bank fraud, and did a few small bank jobs, and laundered his money with his own car wash business. He lives in a $1.8m mansion that he bought with his illicit gains, and the FIB are on to him. He borrows money from the local gang in Little Haiti, where fraud is very prevalent, and he starts getting back into his older habits to pay off the gang. The FIB notices this, and he ends up doing dirty work for the FIB, in order to keep his freedom.
The second character is Samuel “Shotta” Stevens, who is a member of the Haitian gang. He is a black, Haitian based character with more character development, than Franklin from GTA 5. He is 26 in game. The game also focuses more on crime, and the gang element. The player will experience the brutal reality of the gang life in Vice City, in the slums of Little Haiti, from loan sharking and repossessing the unreliable clients, to brokering the sales, that being kilos of cocaine, for the South American Cartel. Samuel lives in a Section 8 apartment, in the Little Haiti Neighborhood with his grandmother, Amy.
Samuel just wants to move out of the hood, but loves the gang lifestyle, and this gets him caughtup in the FIB drama with John. The FIB cuts him a deal also, if he can snitch out his gang, which the player can choose to cooperate, or refuse. This will change the storyline of Samuel dramatically.
If you choose Option A: Snitch on the gang, You will snitch on the gang and work with John, who will show you the ropes of Fraud, and you both will defraud the bank of Schlongberg Sachs, commit multiple heists, and become a protege of John. Or of course you can choose, Option B: Refuse. Refusing will make Samuel a target of the FIB, and this causes him to gain more respect from his gang. The respect system from San Andreas is back, but new and improved. Samuel will expand his gang operations from Little Haiti, all the way to the Vice Keys, and beyond.
The Third Character is a man named Xavier Gonzalez. Xavier is a latino man born in Vice City, he is 40 years old, and a cocaine kingpin. He lives in Downtown Vice City in his lavish $1.5m penthouse. Xavier is friends with John from the beginning of the story. Xavier is apart of the story no matter what option you choose, providing cocaine to John to sell, OR, Providing cocaine to both John AND Samuel, to sell together, and to strengthen the gangs funds. The gang system is similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s system, and also has elements of GTA San Andreas. Xavier is also tied in directly to the nightclub business as well, having stakes in the returning Malibu Club, now run by the Jimenez Family, a latino Mafia, who has ties directly to the South American Cartel.
Each Character has a different personality and lifestyle, and will be a exceptional experience for the player. Former characters from past GTA’s will be making appearances. Luis WILL be returning, being a manager of the Malibu Club, Stranger and Freaks missions are returning with a more in depth story for every one of them, and Michael De Santa and his wife, Amanda, will be returning also, living in a beach house, although their children will not make any appearances. The both do not play a VITAL part in the storyline, but will have stranger and freaks missions for any character, with all different outcomes. For example, passing by the state penitentiary, you may just recognize Lamar Davis, in a bluish grey jumpsuit, embellished with a pair of handcuffs wrapped around his wrists, demanding for a ride.
The map of GTA VI, will be bigger than GTA V and RDR2 combined, having several counties, having Vice City, based on Miami, the Vice Keys, based on the Florida Keys, The Everglades, based on the swampy Everglades in Florida. The game will also feature Orlando, which is named Corlado, and Tampa, named as Gulf Shore City, but downsized a bit. The game will feature sprawling countryside outside of Vice City and Corlado, with countryside towns, named Canisville, Centura, and Sentinel Point, along with towns along the Vice Keys. There is an Air Force Base, based of off Eglin Air Force Base, named Fort Sentinel. The Ocean is the Atlantic Ocean, with more shipwrecks to discover, plants and animals, and more. The game itself has as many animals as RDR2, and the player can hunt if they choose, although this is just a more of a minigame. Vigilante Missions will be back, along with Taxi Missions.
Character Customization will be better, from the belt on your waist, to the socks on your feet. Choose to your liking of luxury watches, rings, chains, earrings, featuring plain jane, to diamonds and rubies, emeralds, and more. Belts can be worn along with hightops, to lowtops and boots, and dress shoes. Pantlegs can be tucked into the footwear you choose, if the option is available. Tattoos will be back, along with hair customization. John is white so he can tan, or be sunburned, and the core system from RDR 2 is back aswell.
Tattoos will feature opacity and can also fade over time. You will be able to adjust the size of the tattoo. It will be able to be placed on over 10 different area of the body depending the size.
Since the core system is back, you will have to also bathe, to stay clean, otherwise you may notice changes in your cores.
You will have to eat to replenish cores, so you can cook in your safehouse, or go eat out in a restaurant, whether it be fast food or upscale. All characters can have relationships with women, similar to GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas. You will be able to buy extra safehouses around the map, and the amount of vehicles will be the same amount that are in GTA Online, and more. Every vehicle will be returning, and first person mode will be more enhanced, with more realistic vehicle interiors to immerse the player into every aspect of the game. South America will not be apart of the game, only Vice City and surrounding Areas.
Skills from GTA V is also being integrated back, along with exercising, to boost strength. Agility is a new added skill, and Strength will affect how hard you punch, kick, or melee in general.
Special Abilities so far, will not be coming back. This may be tweaked before release, but if they return, it will not be a major part of the game.
Car Customization is more advanced, different leather trims can be changed colors, along with wood trims and marble trims. You can add satellite radio, which lets you listen to radio stations in Los Santos, and Liberty City, but so far there is only two stations from each of those cities. You can also listen to all the radio stations across the counties. Neon is back, new spoilers and liveries as well, Along with different colors of tint. Subwoofers will be a standard upgrade as well.
Los Santos Customs is gone, and Pay and Spray is back, along with Viceland Kustomz, and Sentinel Bike Shop. You can also modify certain parts at the car dealerships.
The drug dealing system from GTA: China Town Wars is also returning, but a bit revamped. This is where the post office system comes in, from RDR2. Pounds of Marijuana sourced from Los Santos delivered by mail, to a post office near you. From weed to tabs of LSD, all the way to meth, heroin, and cocaine, you can reap major profits.
Casinos will be returning as well, one being a resort, others being small-time casinos. You will be able to rent a room in the casino and resort. The casino is named as the Malibu Casino and Resort.
Gunplay is improved with new realistic sounds. Interiors are just as detailed as GTA V or RDR2, if not more, I’d say. The insurance system from GTA Online will be integrated into GTA VI’s story mode, so losing a vehicle will not happen.
There is an abundance of new and old activities, that being over 50 strangers and freaks missions, drug supplying, or drug running, similar to GTA TBOGT’s drug missions. You can hunt, as stated before, but is more of a minigame than a money maker. You can fish as well, as fishing is a very popular sport, in modern day Florida.
There will be four strip clubs scattered around the map, one of them named Vanilla Unicorn South East, which is owned by Trevor Phillips, who is planned to make a cameo, only to be featured in a cutscene so far.
Nightclubs as I stated before, will be a thing. There will be 3 nightclubs, where you can take part in a few activities, like dancing, where you can meet your date in game, or drinking and smoking. Expect SOLOMUN, and BLACK MADONNA to return. You will see in game appearances of them DJing in the nightclubs. No other DJ’s will return.
Bounty hunting will not be a thing, but dirty work for the FIB throughout the story will be similar. Pool and bowling is returning, along with player skills, exercise and working out also is a thing, as stated above earlier.
Convenience stores and gas stations will feature many products you can purchase. Snacks, that being Phat chips, (different flavors yield more health and core restoration) candy bars, ( EgoChaser, Meteorite, Zebra Bar, and more) drinks, (E Cola, Sprunk,) Alcohol, (Pisswasser, Champagne, Logger) Redwood cigarettes, and cigars. The stores will be setup similar to RDR2’s store system. You can rob the stores, and also start a protection racket, and extort them.
Pharmacys will be in the game, to purchase portable med kits, or you can rob the pharmacy for drugs and money.
The way you eat can also affect your character’s health, and weight. Similar to GTA San Andreas’s system.
Merryweather will return, but won’t have the same presence as it did in GTA V. Merryweather ends up not being able to operate on U.S. soil, and goes out of business as a hit is put on Don Percival, by one of the returning characters from GTA V.
An advanced parkour system is integrated as well, similar to GTA IV’s.
Gun stores will be prevalent as this is based off of Florida. The homeless man who found the diamonds, from GTA TBOGT will also make an appearance as a gun store owner, as he has proceeded to purchase and start a gun shop in the area of South Vice Beach.
The black market for weapons is featured in this game as well, similar to fences in RDR2. You can also craft bombs/projectiles if you have learned to.
Realism is a goal of this game, without being too overwhelming. Guns and weapons will need to be cleaned. If you shoot a gun, you will smell of gun powder, this may be noticed by civilians or police officers, and they will make comments about it. If you have not bathed, you may just get absurd insults slurred at you. If you have blood stained on you, and you smell of blood, people may give you weird looks, or may just make a call to the local Law Enforcement.
As for those who DM me or ask about Strangers and Freaks, or mysteries and riddles, the paranormal world will be featured in GTA VI. You may encounter serial killers, or creepy sightings in dreary areas. Strangers and freaks will all have its own unique storyline.
The weather system is IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY aswell. Hurricanes do take place, but only during certain parts of the storyline, and floods may occur in marshland areas and anywhere away from mainland.
Melee Combat system is based off of strength, and Agility, which is a new skill, as stated above, and is improved heavily. Hand combat is influenced by strength and agility. Based on how hard you hit the opponent, you may bruise them, and bruise yourself. The chainsaw is returning as well. The limbs and gore is back from RDR2
Dialogue System from GTA San Andreas and RDR2 is back, and improved, with different responses every time.
GPS and Navigation System will be improved, showing the quickest routes, from alleyways to the freeway. Every street will have a name, and the GPS voice from GTA IV is returning as well, get ready to hear “Turn Left in 500 yards, Bing Bong.” Planes will have autopilot, and you can fly to each city with plane tickets, or on your own.
Driving mechanics will be similar to GTA IV’s, but combined with the smoothness of GTA V’s mechanics. Damage to the vehicle will be more detailed then ever, featuring airbag damage as well. EVERY Vehicle will have its own selected weight, and handling, to improve the player’s experience.
Six star wanted level is back, with FIB being the 6th star. There is multiple law enforcement agencies. VCPD, GSCPD, CPD, SPPD, Highway Patrol, FIB, IAA, Viceland State Patrol, as well as the NOOSE. You will not be shot by cops for just staring at them.
Being arrested results in you serving time, similar to RDR 1’s Jail time mechanic, showing you all of your charges while you sit in a cell. The first time you get arrested it will show your character being booked, and you will have to take a mugshot and be fingerprinted. Depending on the county or city you’ve been arrested in, you will be known to local law enforcement and even law abiding citizens, depending on how severe your charges are.
Random events are more realistic than ever. depending on the wanted level you’ve attained, there is a system similar to the bounty system of RDR2. The more crimes you’ve commited that have gained attention of law enforcement, you have a chance of getting your hotel room getting kicked in by noose, your safe house getting staked out by undercover FIB, even being pulled over if you have commited a number of crimes in the same vehicle. You may witness muggings, or even be mugged yourself. You will encounter situations with homeless people to the rich and famous, with all different outcomes.
Real Estate as stated before, will be available to all three characters. Businesses will be available, illicit and legal, from businesses to launder cash for the gang, to illicit businesses like credit fraud rings, to counterfeit cash.
Safe houses will be available as well. A penthouse in Corlado, a modern mansion on Starfish Island, a beach house on Ocean Beach, a small quaint house in Canisville, a traditional house in Gulf Shore City, a vacation-style home in the Vice Keys, to small apartments in small towns like Centura or Sentinel Point. Each character will be able to purchase any of these properties, but it will be tied to just the one character that purchased it.
Hotels and Motels will also be available to rent rooms and bathe in, one being the Gulf Shore motel, a dingy motel room for cheap, perfect for someone wanting a cheap stay. The Malibu Casino and Resort near Vice Beach, a 5 star luxury stay, with a two-story penthouse with a jacuzzi the player can bathe in, with views of Vice Beach, and the nearby Ocean Beach. There is 4 hotels and 2 motels scattered across the map, each with unique interiors and different amenities.
Purchasing vehicles you can enter a dealership, or purchase online and have it delivered to a garage. Pegasus Concierge is returning. Certain stolen vehicles will have trackers, and will not be able to be modified, same as GTA V.
The stock market is also returning, BAWSAQ and VLSM ( Vice Land Stock Market ) and can reap heavy profits as well.
Time goes by: This game is set in 2017-2019. Times will change thruout, buildings will be completed as they were in RDR2, radio stations will not play all of the music in the tracklist at first. Instead it will play newer music thruout the storyline. You will still hear older and newer songs too after completion.
Character customization is not just clothing, tattoos, jewelry and hair customization. You can also purchase 3 different phone models. an iFruit phone, based on the iPhone Xr, a Badger phone, or a Whiz Wireless. You will also be able to purchase ringtones, as you were able to do in GTA IV. You can also purchase an iFruit watch, based on the apple watch, which you can take calls on, if you change your settings.
Depending on how rough you play, clothing can wear and tear. Examples: jumping out of a moving vehicle, falling off/on rocks, tripping on certain props.
As stated above, NPC’s will notice the clothing you wear, the way you look or smell, the car you drive, and the jewelry you wear, and will make comments on it.
Crouching will be back, the same as RDR2, and the cover system is nearly the exact same cover system as RDR2.
ALSO Expect a Special Edition, AND Collector’s Edition, similar to RDR2.
The game is set in the summer of 2017 to 2019 as the storyline proceeds. This game WILL BE PS5 Exclusive, for the first month. The in-game experience is like no other, PS5 also has a new controller design as well. It is projected to not release until later 2020, AFTER holiday season BUT MAY BE DELAYED. I have broken down the storyline, key elements of the game, and if anyone has anymore questions I will be happy to answer. I know so much about this game as I’ve been working on it since the start, and I’m not afraid to get in trouble, as this is a throwaway.
I will not be responding to negative comments, claiming this is fake, because I will not waste my time with non-believers, only true questions.
all content is confirmed unless it has been mentioned by me to not be officially confirmed already, and anything may be scrapped before release as cut content, but is unlikely
*PLEASE UPVOTE. I do not want my effort and the risks I am taking to go to waste. I want this to not get buried. *
if you have questions or WANT MORE? (screenshots or photos as proof, radio stations, confirmed tracklists or more) Send Me A Chat.
You may see songs from previous games, as Rockstar may have the licenses still, or has renewed them.
Satellite Radio: Liberty City
Beat 102.7- Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid
Beat 102.7 Logo-
Liberty Rock Radio- Hosted By Iggy Pop
LRR Logo-
Satellite Radio:
Radio Los Santos- Hosted By BigBoy
Radio Los Santos Logo-
Los Santos Rock Radio- Hosted By Kenny Loggins
Los Santos Rock Radio Logo-
NightRide FM Hosted By Kavinsky
NightRide FM Logo-
Corlado’s Hottest Jams 103.7 Hosted By Feliciá Williams and DJ Diamondz
CHJ 103.7 Logo-
V-Rock FM Hosted By Couzin Ed
V-Rock FM Logo-
Vice City’s Retro Mix , 104.7 Fm Hosted By Fernando Martinez
VCRM 104.7 FM Logo-
Vice City Classic Hip Hop Hosted By DJ slick slim
Vice City Classic Hip Hip Logo-
Viceland’s Country Radio (VLCR) Hosted By Derrick Jones
VLCR Logo-
GSC-EDM FM ( Gulf Shore City EDM Fm ) Hosted By Gulf Shore City FM.
The Sunrise Fm ( Reggae music ) Hosted By Marshall Peters
The Sunrise Fm Logo-
Vice Rap Radio ( VRR ) ( modern florida rap ) Hosted By DJ Josué Da Kidd
Vice Rap Radio Logo-
The Groove 109.2 Hosted By Vaughn Harper
The Groove 109.2 Logo-
Baila Ahora Radio (modern spanish station) Hosted By Amada Abrantes
Baila Ahora Radio Logo-
Interesante Musica Radio ( modern and old spanish music ) Hosted By Selená Martinez * Los Hermanos Rosario, La Dueña Del Swing * los reyes del merengue, El Baile del Beeper - Versión Merengue * Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un Carnaval * INDIA, Marc Anthony, Vivir Lo Nuestro * Felipe Muñiz, Marc Anthony, Deje de Amar * Ivy Queen, Dime * Monchy and Alexandra, Alexandra
Musica de Clásico FM ( Salsa ) Hosted By Pedro Simmóns
Flash FM ( 2000’s and 90’s pop) Hosted By DJ Toni
Flash FM Logo-
Ocean Beach Classics FM (80’s synth pop) Hosted By DJ Teri
OBC FM Logo-
The Wave 103 (Slow/Vocal Synthwave + Indie Synth) Hosted By Adam First, Trish Camden
The Wave 103 Logo-
Centura County Country Hits ( newer country ) Hosted By Rick Hanson
Centura County Country Hits Logo-
The Keys Rock Radio ( mix of rock) Hosted By Gerald Ritsky
The Keys Rock Radio Logo-
Viceland Lithium Radio ( Hardcore Rock, Heavy Metal ) ( VLLR ) Hosted By VLLR.
VLLR Logo-
Trap House Radio ( Trap Rap ) Hosted By DJ BlueBandz
Trap House Radio Logo-
Anarchy Radio 98.5 FM ( Alt Rock, Punk) Hosted By Jason Lavigne
Chatterbox Vice City Talk Radio
CTR Corlado Talk Radio
-host, Lazlow - Fernando Martinez
Viceland News Network VLNN
VLNN Logo-
Host- Vanessa Hopkins, Weazel News. - Updates on weather and Weazel News
Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical. Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical.
Along with the No phone, No photos policy, It will be very difficult to get OFFICIAL screenshots. Here is a official, accurate sketch of the GTA VI Minimap and cores design
Here is the sketch of the mini map on computer.
I will be uploading more sketches soon.
Here’s my Rockstar badge / ID. it is dirty, apologies. The rockstar logo, imprinted on the card itself, along with my photo, blurred out, my name below it, and the expiration date, years 2019-2020. this is only an ID to get into the building. since i have released a bit of proof, stop spreading misinformation
You can still trust my leak, but here is a legal disclaimer so I cannot be targeted.
Ignore this below.
-legal disclaimer. this is fictional and not proven, this post is not associated with taketwo or rockstar games in any way, shape, or form.
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Honey Heist Hack: Redneck Ninja

Redneck Ninja art and introduction by Jacob Black
Redneck Ninja: The RPG
Sincere thanks/apologies to Grant Howitt - author of Honey Heist.
Please check out Honey Heist here:
- And see Grant's Patreon here:
Note: This is intended as a bit of light-hearted parody of a certain Cajun Marvel mutant who was quite popular in the 90s.
Enter the Redneck Ninja:
The Redneck Ninja is a legendary figure. With his trenchcoat, bo staff and ability to make playing cards and similar small things explode - he inspires fear in his enemies and awe in his friends.
If you ask the Redneck Ninja about his background, he's more than happy to tell you about his exploits:
“I was born special... and... I'm a ninja! I grew up there in the Bayou with no ma or pa to raise me right, so I was takin' in by a clan o' ninja. The ninja clan is my family, all my aunts, uncles, brothers, sister, and cousins... that way we can trust each other.
“They trained me up in the art o' 'jistu and trained me to fight their enemies. They learned me up in the ways of samurai swords, and knives, and pole cues, and guns, and tire irons, and pipe bombs... but I don't need pipe bombs because of my amazin' powers! But I just use my staff here to fight.... and my powers! I been fightin' ninja all my life. There are lots o' clans o' ninja in that Bayou! But mine's the only good one. Alllllll them others is evil!
“Yes, totally evil. All they be about is killin' other folks like us good ninja. We good ninja only use our ninja skills to to good. We steal from rich folk-types and give the money to our clan leader so he can give it to those who need it. He's a good guy, our clan leader. Taught me everything I know. Like how to recognize what trucker hats the evil ninja clans wear to disguise themselves. That's how you tell what clan they from.
“And I was extensively trained in the arts of seduction. I got LOTS o' practice with my clan members – the women o' my clan! Our clan leader like to watch to make sure we be doin' it right. I was such a good lover that the other ninja clan girls would come up to me just to get the lovin' they didn't get from their men. But this would lead to the downfall o' my clan.
“I was lovin' up on this other ninja clan girl and she loved me so much she wanted to marry me. So my clan leader, not one to say 'No' to a peace union decided to marry us and make peace with one of our enemies, so we would all be stronger than the other ninja clans. But it was a trap! At the weddin', the ninja girl's clan whipped out their samurai swords and started killin' all my clan! So I got outta' there and found my way to the 'Naulins.”
The Setup: You’re a swamp-dwelling Redneck Ninja who spends your time pulling heists and fighting the other clans of redneck ninja-folk. You’ve just heard about the biggest score ever on and you’re putting together a crew.
One: You have a complex plan that requires precise timing.
Two: As a goddamn REDNECK NINJA, you have very poor impulse control and a tendency to punch your way out of problems.
I Character Creation: Redneck Type/Skill (roll 1d6)
  1. Tattoo Artist
  2. Wrassler
  3. Fastest Fan Boat Pilot Ever (alternately: Bravest Demolition Derby Driver Ever)
  4. Pool Hustler
  5. Former Sheriff
  6. Bounty Hunter
Descriptor (roll 1d6)
  1. Retired
  2. Slick
  3. Unhinged
  4. Alcoholic
  5. Mysterious
  6. Rookie
Criminal Role (roll 1d6)
  1. Muscle
  2. Brains
  3. Face
  4. SafecrackeHacker
  5. Greaseman/Burglar (ie you’re quite good at being sneaky)
  6. Wheelman
Radical Skill (roll 1d6)
  1. Mutant! (Makes Small Things Explode Magically)
  2. Ninja Sword!
  3. Gun Fu!
  4. Nunchucks!
  5. Bo Staff!
  6. Shuriken!
II Stats
You have two stats -Redneck and Ninja - each starts with 3 points
Redneck Use for doing crimes, small engine repair and anything that doesn't involve being a ninja
Ninja Use to do ninja stuff
III Actions
When you act, and the outcome is in doubt, roll a D6. If it’s equal to or under the relevant stat, you succeed. If it’s over the stat, you fail.
If you’re using your radical skill or doing something related to your criminal role, roll 2 D6 and pick the lowest.
IV Changing States
Yee-Haw: When the plan fails and you run into difficulty, move one point from Ninja into Redneck.
Hi-Yah: When the plan goes off without a hitch, move one point from Redneck into Ninja.
You can voluntarily move one point from Redneck to Ninja by doing a flashback scene in which you and the other ninjas plan out the heist over saké.
You can voluntarily move one point of Nina into Redneck by picking a fight with a random person in Wal-Mart.
V The End
If your Ninja stat ever reaches 6, you become enamored with your own bad-assitude and you ditch the party to become a solo operator; an edgy loner walking the Earth in a trenchcoat and dealing out vengeance with a katana. If your Redneck stat ever reaches 6, you duck out and begin a new life operating games of chance at a carnival.
PART TWO - GM STUFF Setting and Scenario
Random Tables to Set Up The Adventure
(GM NOTE When a player rolls a natural 6 - introduce a twist or complication.)
Main Adversary (roll 1d6)
  1. Cunning and Sly.
  2. Greedy and Wicked.
  3. Clueless and Exploitable.
  4. Maybe too obsessed with money.
  5. A red-neck samurai from rural Iowa.
  6. Ruthless and Corrupt.
For some reason, your target is being kept for tonight... (roll 1d6)
  1. In a warehouse in a small town
  2. At a riverboat casino
  3. In a locked security office at a bus station
  4. In a truck convoy
  5. Swanky hotel in an urban center
  6. In a wilderness cabin
Descriptor Table for the Location (roll 1d6)
  1. Creepy
  2. Busy
  3. Run-Down
  4. Beautiful
  5. Dangerous
  6. Lavish
What is the Target? (roll 1d6)
  1. A cache of priceless ancient Egyptian artifacts stolen from a well-known museum
  2. A suitcase full of serum that can express dormant mutations when injected (see Mutation table below)
  3. The only physical copy of the Wu-Tang Clan album: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin
  4. Duffel bag of Krugerrands.
  5. Banjo case full of meth.
  6. The legendary Honjo Masamune samurai sword.
Twist: But Little do the Redneck Ninjas Know... (roll 1d6) (GMs keep this a secret..sssshh…)
  1. This place is rigged to blow!
  2. The cops are en route!
  3. Look! A rival team of redneck ninjas!
  4. The prize is a fake!
  5. They’ve been set up!
  6. There’s a blind guy with a samurai sword guarding the treasure and he seems remarkably unbothered regarding your arrival!
Security features (roll 1d6 twice)
  1. Armed guards
  2. Electronically locked doors
  3. Laser tripwire grids
  4. CCTV Network
  5. “Impenetrable” Vault.
  6. Poison Gas
Dormant Mutations Activated by Serum (Roll 1d6 for every injection taken)
  1. Claws
  2. Wings
  3. Convert sonic vibrations into light
  4. Uncontrollable laser blasts whenever eyes are open
  5. Short-range teleportation
  6. Enhanced sense of smell
Mutation Side-Effects (Roll 1d6 for every injection taken)
  1. You grow a tail!
  2. Your skin turns a deep shade of blue!
  3. You grow luxurious fur over 87% of your body!
  4. You experience regular fits of angst!
  5. Your skin turns translucent during intense emotions!
  6. You grow full mutton chops every 8 hours!
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The Ending and What it Could Mean (a consolidated thread dialogue)

Recently I had a dialogue with u/Armoogeddon that began in this post’s comments section wherein he was kind enough to ask my opinion about several aspects of Twin Peaks Season 3 and the overall story. I tend to focus less on the surface narrative of Frost and Lynch’s original script (whatever that actually looks like, I’m referring to how it is rendered onscreen) and concentrate more on the abstractions encoded in Lynch’s direction. When we reached the end u/Armoogeddon suggested I make a post of our conversation, and here it is. My thanks for the suggestion, and for asking me questions in the first place. It presented a good framework to turn my thoughts into words.
It’s a bit long, of course. But I hope you find it compelling.
Preface to say: everything below is just my opinion, not a “fact.”
I don’t think the idea of Twin Peaks is that Laura’s consciousness lived on after her death.
The ending of Fire Walk With Me posits Agent Cooper as her angel, the angel we see is not seen by her at all. The angel is seen in a white light, whereas Laura is bathed in a blue light that better matches the TV static from the beginning of the film. Laura was unable to face the truth of her situation, so in her subconscious she created Cooper to discover the truth, to solve the mystery.
But she has never been able to face that truth. The closest she got was the idea that Leland was possessed by an evil spirit. But he wasn’t, and even that was more than she could bear.
The Red Room isn’t heaven, it is her subconscious. She is hiding inside a delusion of Bob possessing Leland to explain and excuse what her parents have done, a lie to save her from facing her truth: her father molested her and her mother let it happen. In Season 3, it’s the role of the mother that is explored for the first time.
Agent Cooper has “returned” after 25 years because the psyche of the girl who was Laura Palmer feels again ready to face her buried truth.
First she/he must conclude the wicked dream that has seized her heart, the “Twin Peaks/TV-show/dream”. This requires the destruction of the Bob delusion and the removal of Bad Cooper. This is what takes place in the first 17 parts of season 3. The traumas of FWWM are revisited throughout The Return, abstracted and recontexturalized to allow her subconscious to face these things, to slowly remind her of her path to realization of the truth of the Bob lie.
Once that dream has been ended, the idea/memory of her death must be corrected. Her death was a spiritual one, and a psychological one. That was the death of her identity. Cooper rewrites this memory by leading her away in her memory from meeting Jacque, Leo and Ronette, a meeting that in reality might not have occurred at all, and the train car murder which definitely is a psychotic fantasy, not a reality.
Then, with part 18, Cooper enters the Laura-as-Carrie dream to take her home, where the trauma lives. But the Laura-as-Carrie is no more ready to face it than Laura herself was 25 years ago. Notice that Carrie has, despite her obvious maturity, the mentality of a child. She doesn’t know how far Washington state is from Texas and whether it’s cold there. She doesn’t even seem to know that you can buy food on the way. She’s like a little girl.
And I think that’s what Twin Peaks illustrates: Laura’s splitting of her personality/identity into the sheltered child and the adult woman. One of them “knows” the truth and actively avoids it and one of them has no understanding of what happeed and wants to know the truth. When the second gets what she wants and still cannot face it, the first takes over and returns to the subconscious of the Red Room.
I really like this theory, but tell me if i understood your interpretation of the Red Room or not. You say the Red Room is a creation of Laura from her subconscious to avoid the trauma?u/zimion5389 (special guest question)
The scene in FWWM when Laura enters the painting given to her by Mrs. Chalfont. This is Laura’s “discovery” of the Red Room. Mrs. Chalfont (who is Laura’s hallucination) directs Laura through the door where her grandson stands. He raises his arm and snaps his fingers (“sometimes things can happen just like that”). The sound of Fire, and we fade to the Red Room.
We are Laura’s POV as we pass over the Ring. We watch Cooper enter the Red Room for the first time. Cooper is a creation of Laura’s subconscious.
The Little Man says he is the Arm and he sounds like this: “zzzzzzz” and he holds the ring. The Arm is asleep, so it’s numb.
Cooper looks at us/Laura and tells us not to take the ring. Then immediately outside of the Red Room we see Laura turn over in bed. She lifts her left arm with her right arm because it’s fallen asleep, it’s numb. And it holds the ring, just like the snoring Arm of the Red Room.
Annie appears bleeding from the nose and mouth, and disappears. She’s only here because of season two continuity.
But then Laura, freaked out, gets out of bed to look out her bedroom door. She hears what sounds like her mother calling her. Laura opens the door looking out on the dark, empty stairs. The door creaks loudly and we hear the Arm’s “zzzzz” sound again. Then Laura looks back, seeing herself look back within Mrs. Chalfont’s picture, echoing the first Laura’s pose.
Then we are with the Laura in the picture as she passively looks back out the door, the curtains of The Red Room behind her.
She is outside of herself, watching herself. She’s become two.
Well than what on earth was episode eight? — u/Armoogeddon
Well, the atomic bomb that released Bob and resulted in dirty bearded men going in and out of a convenience store to create pain and sorrow (garmonbozia) I would say was Leland raping Laura and her subsequent prostituting herself in that “world of truck drivers.”
The rape is the “explosion” that destroyed her. The mushroom cloud and The Experiment’s orgasmic spewing of eggs and Bob is extremely phallic and part of this as well. Leland literally put Bob inside her.
The Woodsman would be the truck drivers she had sex with for cocaine she used to numb herself with, and the convenience store itself is her body that they would come in and out of. And the “room above the convenience store” is her head, her mind.
The split is represented here by the gold blob found isolated in the center of the chaos/explosion. We see this play out in the theater scene with the Fireman and Dido.
This core of her identity (the golden blob) is placed into the gold orb, which is sent/hidden away in a fantasy represented by the images projected on the movie screen the orb is sent into. This movie is her delusion brought about by her inability to understand/process what was done to her at such a young age by Leland. She is the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream.
I believe that “dream” is season 1 and 2 of Twin Peaks.
The little girl who is ultimately entered by the frogmoth thing that hatches in the desert could be Laura’s psychotic excuse for Sarah’s failure to protect her. Much like Bob being the one causing Leland to abuse her, so does the frogmoth put Sarah to sleep, or cause her to turn away. The horse is the white of the eye, the part of the eye that does not see. This is Sarah’s part in Laura’s misery, a part that before season 3 was never addressed either by Laura or by the story itself.
Again, only my opinion.
Wait, so what’s your theory on the ending (“what year is this?”)? And on Audreys sequences? Is the stuff happening around town actually happening, or is that also part of her imagination?
I’m one of those people for whom The Return didn’t resonate as well, but you’re doing a good job making it click.u/Armoogeddon
Ok, so if you’re going to read this, just keep an open mind and remember I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. But since you asked the question I took some time to properly compose my thoughts. You may find that just thinking about it might give you some ideas about the construction of season 3.
tl;dr: Laura is the One, Twin Peaks is an elaborate delusion created to hide an unfaceable truth.
Hang on, this gets a bit complex...
The ending of Part 18 and Audrey’s story are each really hard to suss out. I don’t think there’s enough information to “prove” any theory about those parts. But there are some aspects to think about when considering them.
There are so many echoes of similar events, maybe that can help fill in the blanks.
Audrey’s story is that after exiting the Red Room, Bad Cooper (with Bob inside him) raped her comatose body which made her pregnant with Richard.
Diane’s story says that with “no knock, no doorbell,” Bad Cooper (with Bob inside him) appeared in her apartment, raped her and took her to “...a gas station” which would be the convenience store.
Laura’s story is that a creature named Bob (living inside her father) snuck into her room at night and raped her.
I think Diane and Audrey are cyphers of Laura, and they play out abstracted parts of Laura’s story within the main plot lines.
Let’s trace Diane a while first.
Like the Alice Duffy/Blue Rose story immediately preceding her shooting, Diane is shot, dies, then disappears.
Before being shot in Buckhorn, Diane said she was at a “sheriff’s station.” So there are two Diane’s here. Where they were once separate they now seem to be fusing back together into one consciousness, inside the “shell” of Naido in Twin Peaks.
We don’t know Naido’s origin, but I would say it was Diane being taken to the room above the convenience store by Bad Cooper that created her, analogous to Laura’s entry into the painting Mrs. Chalfont gave her in FWWM where she became two: a Laura inside the Red Room and a Laura outside the Red Room, an abstraction of Laura’s retreat into madness and her split because of her abuse.
Audrey, if you recall, has the first abstracted version of this scenario back in season 1 at One-Eyed Jacks.
Having infiltrated the bordello via working at her father’s perfume counter (ostensively investigating the murder of Laura Palmer), Audrey is trapped in a bedroom with her father Ben Horne (who also slept with Laura) she closes the red curtains surrounding all sides of the bed, creating a Red Room where she quickly hides behind a mask to escape being raped by him.
A retreat into the unconscious and psychosis creating the two worlds: the world inside and the world outside. This has happened to all three women. In each case, the split consciousness must become one again.
So let’s look closer at Audrey.
Audrey wants to leave, to find Billy. Charlie, her husband, is sleepy and wants to wait until later. In lieu of going to the Roadhouse to look for him, Charlie calls Tina who was the last person to see Billy before he disappeared.
Charlie learns from Tina what happened to Billy, but refuses to tell Audrey. The thing she wants to know is purposefully being hidden from her. And Charlie looks like he’s afraid of her knowing.
How is Audrey playing out Laura’s story? Billy in this narrative is like Judy in the main narrative, they are each abstract versions of the thing that Laura has suppressed but wants to discover.
Audrey feels like she’s not herself, that she is someone else. She wants to go and she wants to stay. To find Billy/the Truth she has to choose to be the Audrey that wants to go, and for the two to become one.
As with Diane, this final conversion is preceded by an explosion of aggression (Diane attempts to shoot the Blue Rose Task Force, Audrey viciously attacks Charlie).
The next time we see Audrey, she is entering The Roadhouse with Charlie. They toast. Charlie toasts to “us,” Audrey to “Billy.” Then, “Audrey’s Dance” is announced. Her search for Billy/the Truth has taken her back to her dance from the beginning (season 1, episode 3 to be exact), to the starting positions where it was all comfortable.
Then, from out of nowhere a violent, sexual jealousy explodes (“that’s my wife!”), shattering Audrey’s reverie. Despite wanting to find Billy/the Truth, she is unprepared to face all it contains. She pleads for Charlie to “get me out of here” and in a flash of electricity retreats into a wholly different place, with no idea what has happened.
Bye, Audrey. Now back to Diane.
After being shot and disappearing from Buckhorn, Diane is in the Red Room being decommissioned as a “Tulpa.” Unlike Dougie’s tulpa-trauma, Diane knows exactly what has happened and why. Fuck you.
The next time we see Diane, we are at the sheriff’s station. Bob has been vanquished and Bad Cooper has been returned to burn in the Red Room. Here now Diane is revealed to have been hidden inside of Naido at the sheriff’s station just as she had asserted in Buckhorn to the Blue Rose Task Force. Remember that Naido was blind, possibly deaf, and unable to communicate. Now as Diane she will be able to see and hear what was kept from her. But is she ready?
The dream fades and disappears and Diane is revealed in Naido’s place. Now Cooper, Diane, and Gordon stride purposefully toward the door in the basement of the Great Northern. They are all that remain of the Twin Peaks “dream” because they come from outside the dream. They are manifestations of aspects of the psychology of Laura: Diane is Laura herself, Cooper is the part of her that desires to reveal and know the truth she has suppressed, while Gordon is the part of Laura actively tries to obscure and confuse the truth, to protect Laura from the knowledge she cannot bear, like Charlie’s phone call to Tina, Gordon reveals very little and encodes what he does reveal.
We won’t see Gordon again, because after 25 years Cooper is going to fulfill his mission.
So there is now only Diane and Cooper. I’ve already posited Diane as a cypher for Laura, but let’s stop for a minute and consider Cooper. At this point he is Cooper, not Mr. C with Bob, not DougieCoop, he is Federal Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Dale B. Cooper, himself.
But if Diane is a representation of Laura, who does Cooper represent here? I would say Cooper represents Leland. And here at this motel Diane revisits her rape at the hands of Mr. C (itself a reimagining of Leland’s rape of Laura).
For Laura-as-Diane, she is treading closer to the suppressed thing that she wants to know, her own secrets, Judy, Billy, that symbol on the Ace of Spades.
Remember how Phillip Jeffries told Mr. C “you already met Judy”? Judy is the secret thing, for Laura the secret thing is her fathers abuse of her. And she already knows it. But she repressed it (we see this clearly in FWWM).
(As an aside, prior to entering the motel room with Cooper, Diane splits again. It is very possible that here is where the plan first comes apart: the unified Diane/Laura panics at the proposition of going through with the plan and splits into two again.
(Remember Diane, worried at the 430 location, saying “you don’t have to do this, Cooper”? Bob has been defeated, Mr. C is sent back, leaving the Good Cooper in his proper place, and the Twin Peaks dream ends. It seems Diane/Laura feels that’s good enough. No need to go any further, but Cooper presses on.
(We literally see the second Diane appear and disappear into the Red Room (compare the subtle light flash on her face to the light cast on Cooper’s face the second time Laura disappears in the woods that puts him back sitting in the Red Room with Philip Gerard)).
To be continued? If you are getting something out of this I can try to take it all the way to the end of Part 18. If it doesn’t grab you, no big deal. I enjoyed getting it out of my head and onto paper.
I feel like I’m watching it again-for-the-first-time reading this. What a trip!
Absolutely please keep going! I never did a rewatch of The Return but I might try it again with this as a “guide”.
But what was “the plan” you mentioned earlier again?
And what’s the meaning behind the Dream with Monica Belluci?? I know I’m all over the place - that’s because I haven’t seen any of this in a few years but remember it fairly well all things considered, with a few scenes really sticking out in my mind.u/Armoogeddon
“The Plan” is Cooper’s Plan with Maj. Briggs that Gordon mentions: two birds with one stone (the same phrase the Fireman uses). It’s never clear exactly what that means.
I’ll take a swing at the Bellucci dream (later), I have a feeing about it, but I’ve never tried to analyze it directly.
Once you recognize these repeating motifs, you start to see the Laura story pushing into the Twin Peaks narrative, you can see the two worlds idea as they overlap. That’ll make for a rewarding rewatch.
Continuing from the 430 mile threshold:
Being the “real” Diane reunited with the “real” Cooper could have been Laura’s new Twin Peaks dream, but the part of Laura that fuels Cooper, the desire to know the repressed truth, pushes on despite her own protestations, and Diane agrees.
Like Audrey, she’d wanted to stay and she wanted to go. Like Audrey she wasn’t sure if she should go, but she went and soon, like Audrey, she won’t be able to face it. In the morning in the motel room this Diane, who was to replace “Linda,” will have disappeared.
We can go back to Cooper being told by the “American Girl” (Ronette Pulaski) “when you get there, you’ll already be there” to understand how this works. We saw this play out in the beginning of Season 3 when Cooper replaced Dougie. He arrived in the role of Dougie.
This time he will be “Richard” and Diane will be “Linda” driving in the car, then checking into the motel.
Here’s where the two Dianes happen. One inside the car and one outside the car.
There’s a subtle flash of light on Diane’s face in the car, similar to the one on Cooper’s face in the woods earlier in the episode when Laura disappeared and Cooper returned to the Red Room, and to Phillip Gerard asking “is it future or is it past?” and with that flash, the second Diane is gone.
But is it Diane, or is it Linda? Is it the part of Laura that wants to know, or the part that is actively suppressing the memory?
If we follow the idea of Twin Peaks re-experiencing Laura’s trauma abstractly, she is again getting close to the actual moment she realized Leland was Bob in FWWM. Bad Cooper’s rape of Diane was an abstraction of Leland’s rape of Laura.
In that scene in FWWM the actual Laura Palmer willed herself to see the truth, looking directly into the face of Bob until the truth was revealed to her. But this Diane is unsure, as Audrey was in her story arc. As their coupling proceeds she begins to forcefully cover his face and then turns her face up and away from him.
Looking away from the truth was what allowed Bob to remain in Laura’ consciousness.
Denying to himself the reality of what he was doing to his daughter allowed Leland to “be” Bob.
So who’s missing from the picture?
The Mother. Looking away.
The horse is the white of the eye. Sarah sees the horse after allowing herself to be drugged in FWWM and drugged as she lay crawling at the foot of the stairs as Leland kills Madeline in Season 2.
Remembering that her father was Bob and he was molesting her is Laura’s repressed memory. But what hides behind it is even worse, the fact she has never faced.
Sarah let it happen.
Here is where you’ll find Judy.
In the morning only Cooper remains, and it is Cooper. One way to read this is Diane did not “become” Linda, the Linda that WAS there is still there. So Linda doesn’t recognize Richard and leaves in the night. She “doesn’t recognize him anymore” because he IS Cooper, and so Cooper wakes up alone.
Between Cooper waking in the motel room, and his exiting of the more modern hotel facade, we have no way of knowing how much time has elapsed. The edit hides the passage of time. Has Cooper been searching for days, months, years? The extreme wear on his nearly bald tires indicates he’s be traveling a long time.
If you’re still with me, let me know and I’ll analyze the Odessa conclusion. With what I’ve written so far, you might already see where this is heading.
Hell yes let’s keep going!u/Armoogeddon
I’m going to leave Laura/Diane/Audrey for a bit, jump over Judy’s Diner and Carrie’s House and take a look at Cooper’s arrival with Carrie at the Palmer house.
As with the multiple echoes of Laura’s rape (there’s a couple I didn’t mention) the scene with Cooper And Carrie at the Palmer house is foreshadowed numerous times throughout season 3 including:
• ⁠DougieCoop with Jade and her $5 bill in front of the Silver Mustang’s revolving doors
• ⁠DougieCoop with the limo driver and his “jackpots” in front of Dougie and Janie-e’s Red-doored home
• ⁠BadCoop and Richard with the coordinates in front of the “big rock”
In each of these scenes a version of Cooper is driven to a location by someone else, he approaches a doorway/threshold and experiences an unexpected reaction.
• ⁠DougieCoop gets hit by the revolving doors (twice) as he enters the casino
• ⁠DougieCoop gets a hard slap from Janie-e in front of their house
• ⁠Cooper’s “son” Richard is electrocuted into oblivion before his eyes
By loosening the parameters a bit more and and inverting the nature of the outcome, we can include:
• ⁠Dougie is driven to the desert (by that same limo driver) carrying a cherry pie in a box (instead of his jackpots) to a place where he was to be murdered, but instead he saves not only himself, he returns money rightfully belonging to the Mitchum brothers. “A wrong has been made right....”
This scene is indicative of the rather miraculous positive change that seems to follow DougieCoop. Despite negative occurrences and potentially disastrous outcomes DougieCoop has come out on top. Where Bad Cooper’s situation may not help him, but like with Dougie’s positive side-effects, it’s hard to see the destruction of Richard Horne as anything but good news for Twin Peaks.
Does Cooper remember these things now that he is the complete himself again, having driven Carrie from Odessa to Washington? Will they come back to him as from a dream triggered by the unfolding scenario, like the dream of the Mitchum brother?
Can we equate Alice Treymond’s unsatisfactory answers and door closed in his face to the doors hitting Dougie, Janie-e slapping Dougie, and the destruction via electricity of Richard Horne? Or is that flash and power cut the equivalent?
If we do equate the two, then what follows is possibly the true end of Twin Peaks. But is it a “good” end?
There are other “recurring” scenarios that weave through season 3.
One I haven’t addressed here are the scene from FWWM where Philip Gerard accosts Leland and Laura in their car from his truck. The death of the child at the hands of Richard Horne behind the wheel of a truck at that same intersection in Season 3, also evoked by the nighttime arrival of the Woodsman in the road in Part 8, again in the scene after the gunshot at the Double R.
If you do a rewatch, keep an eye out for these repetitions, from either within season 3, or the echoes from Fire Walk With Me. If I was to describe what was going on, I would say there are two stories, the story of Cooper and the story of Laura.
We start with and follow Agent Cooper’s story but throughout it’s Laura’s story constantly trying to assert itself within that tale. Usually when things start seeming inexplicable in the narrative, what we are witnessing are The Last Seven Days of Laura Palmer asserting themselves.
And not only between season 3 and FWWM. Even within FWWM alone, this structure is in effect. Compare the “wash your hands” dinner scene with the Missing Pieces “meeting above the convenience store.”
As Leland instructs Cooper in The Red Room, we should try to “find Laura.”
Anyway, as always it’s just my interpretation. If you find it compelling, awesome. If you don’t feel it, that’s cool too. There’s a lot in there to think about.
This is fascinating. With the parallel stories you’re suggesting with Cooper and Laura, it has me wondering if there was an intended meaning in the title “Twin Peaks”.
Regardless of whether your interpretation matches Lynch’s intention, it’s viability is enough to have a stronger appreciation for The Return. A literal translation certainly doesn’t work.
I still have so many questions. What’s with that floating face in the prison cell? Is Laura opening her face to reveal a bright light meant to imply life/after life/escape from psychosis? Is she in an asylum throughout all this? What’s with 1-1-9?
Huge thanks for the thought provoking analysis!u/Armoogeddon
You’re welcome! I’ve enjoyed putting my thoughts into words.
I’m not sure about the white light, but there’s an interesting visual echo between that scene and Diane in the Red Room.
The head floating away in the jail cell, the golden light floating away from the boy run over by Richard Horne, the golden orb kissed by Dido that flies away through the screen, Naido thrown off the cube floating in infinity, even Ronette thrown from the train car in FWWM.
I think previously I had mentioned Diane, raped by Mr C then taken to a “gas station,” the Room Above the Convenience store, where I supposed that was where the “Tulpa” was created while the “real” Diane was hidden away in Naido. That follows the pattern.
Trauma, a split, one part is sent away while the other remains to face an ordeal.
I once described it like this here on the subreddit:
Imagine there was something you couldn’t face about yourself, so you buried the memory so deep you could not remember it.
You can remember that something is hidden from you though, so you try to find out what it is.
You consciously try to recover the memory, while your subconscious moves and encodes the hidden truth in dreams.
One day in a dream you get really close to it and for a second, you now know something that you can’t face about yourself, so you bury it so deep you could not remember it.
Time and time again.
You should combine these posts into a single thread and post on the sub.u/Armoogeddon
Not a bad idea. I'll try to re-edit them into one piece this weekend, thanks!
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